• March 4, 2024

TOP 3 most immersive LT with equipment 2.0. Best for random and LBZ

These tanks will be bent in random after the release of new equipment.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and for fans of LT, as well as ordinary players who download them only for LBZ, we have interesting information from the second iteration of Equipment 2.0. The developers revised the division of profile slots and reduced them to one. All LT received bonuses for exploration… At the same time, some modules with dubious efficiency were combined into one.

I am not belittling the merits of other LTs, but in my opinion these three will benefit most from the introduction of new equipment.

Third placeELC EVEN 90

Let’s start with the premium tank, which any player can now get almost for free – ELC EVEN 90. If you go through the referral program and take the AMX M4 mle. 49, then by Trade-in you can exchange it for a Yolka for symbolic 650 gold.

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Now let’s get back to the game. The firepower here is mediocre, although the cannon has a 3-round drum, but the stabilization is poor, long aiming and low armor penetration. But this car is primarily designed for exposure.… Now it is only used for passive scouting in the bush, and with new equipment it will become more versatile and dangerous.

First of all, let’s replace the usual camouflage net with “Low-noise exhaust system”, which will give a slightly smaller bonus to stealth (9% instead of 10%), but will act constantly, even in motion:low noise exhaust system

We put a new module as the second “Commanding survey device”, which will lower the enemy concealment:commander survey device

With the third module, we increase the basic overview and we get the following picture:equipment for ELC EVEN 90

ELC EVEN 90 is the most discreet LT in the game, which can overclock the vision, comparable to 10 levels. Therefore, it is excellent for performing LBZ for lightning, and now it will also become more universal, since it will add efficiency with an active game.

Second place

So far, this includes the EBR 105 wheel top, which is on the verge of a global nerf. High dynamics and maneuverability combined with good camouflage and cheating wheels make it one of the most hated random tanks. It is sometimes difficult to spot him, and getting hit with damage is even more difficult.EBR 105

In general, the assembly differs from the ELC EVEN 90 only in that it is possible to replace the commander’s survey device with ventilation (boom or trophy) to increase the viewing radius and stealth:new equipment for EBR 105

Compared to the current version of the game, it will become more invisible and will receive an increase in view due to the boom equipment. And if you put the module to unmask the enemy, then in terms of highlighting the EBR 105 will become an even more unpleasant opponent, but this is more relevant for the Main Committee and RB.

First place

T-100 LT

The leader, I would call the Soviet T-100 LT. So far, in advance, given that the era of the “EBRs” will soon come to an end. They will nerf the wheels, the top will reduce the view and worsen the stabilization of the gun. Proceeding from this, the T-100 LT will feel more confident and will be able to better counter the “wheels”.New equipment for the T-100 LTFor him, the assembly is exactly the same with increased stealth and visibility… It will be equally effective with both active and passive illumination. At the same time, he has good mobility and is the only one among his classmates who has at least some kind of armor.

I bring to your attention the same ratings for other classes:

Medium tanks

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