• May 26, 2022

TOP 3 most immersive tank destroyers with Equipment 2.0

Will become the best in randomness after the release of new equipment.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and a second iteration of Hardware 2.0, which will effectively enhance some of the techniques. All tank destroyers received one profile slot for firepower, and each can use it in its own way or not use it at all. In this regard, I suggest top 3 tank destroyers of level 10that will sparkle with new colors.

Third place

Let’s start with the Swedish tank destroyer STRV-103B… It still occupies a leading position in terms of average damage per battle and percentage of victories, but it cannot be set higher due to the narrow focus of this machine… It is played exclusively at a distance, very dependent on the map and allied lighting. Differs in the ability to switch to siege mode, in which it receives a significant improvement in accuracy and aiming speed.Strv 103B

A feature of the siege mode is also such a moment that the effect of the camouflage net and the streamer tube is not reset, therefore STRV-103B can spin in place, while remaining sighted and invisible… At the first iteration of the new equipment, it was possible to install a module to reduce the visibility after a shot. The developers decided that this was overkill and removed it. BUT allowed to put “Low-noise exhaust system” (earlier it was only for LT):low noise exhaust systemIt is almost impossible to spot it with invisibility at 70%, despite the fact that with new equipment, most tanks will collect in damage / survivability / mobility and will lose almost everything in sight.

The test was not without bugs, these + 5% are not displayed in the bonus when stationary, but this should be fixed.

Therefore, if the enemy team was left without LT, then on the open map STRV-103B annihilate everyone who drives up to the distance of the shot (she will have an excellent view with horns).

Second place

The funky FV4005 Stage II can play again in random, just like before last year’s nerf. The key feature of this vehicle is a large one-time damage, which allows you to shoot some tanks of 8-9 tier and remove most of the HP to “tens”. The only problem is in the implementation of the weapon, since the accuracy and aiming time worsened.FV4005

But with a new module “Improved sights” you can significantly reduce the spread circle:improved sights

If the rest of the modules are also directed to increase the comfort of shooting, then the following performance characteristics will be obtained:FV4005 Stage II configuration

However, if you lack mobility (which is also nerfed), you can improve the dynamics by using “Turbocharger”:Turbocharger

TTX mobility:configuration FV4005 Stage II 2

Then will have to sacrifice mixing and reload speedbut the gameplay will become more enjoyable.

First place

Soviet Object 268/4 is one of the best assault tank destroyers, which the developers also nerfed at one time. And in recent years, many players have already figured out how to deal with this machine. She has strong frontal armor, and NLD is difficult to break through even on gold, and beginners sometimes panic if she drives them. Experienced players have already found opposition Attack Object 268/4: aim the commander’s cupola or put on the rink and go around from the flank… Even a couple of seconds of delay to fix it with a strap (if there is one) can be fatal. And drum Czechs or Italians with a recharging mechanism are quite easy to deal with.Object 268 Option 4But now a new module has been added “Improved hardening”, which will increase the durability of the chassis and speed up its repair. Also, once per battle, it will fully restore the strength of the damaged module, so it will be much more difficult to gell it, it will take more than one shot. And the bonus will go to an increase in the safety factor, which sometimes will increase the chances of survival:Improved hardening

Secondly, this PTShke can also significantly improve accuracy due to “Improved sights”:

With the basic weapon accuracy of 0.42, it is very good to raise to 0.33-0.34. To avoid becoming too “blind”, you will have to sacrifice reload speed.

Given the versatility of Object 268/4, it will look interesting on it “Turbocharger”… And you can generally improve maneuverability and stabilization in motion by “Improved swing mechanisms”:


It is due to this variety of suitable equipment that I put Object 268 Option 4 in first place. These 4 modules can be combined with each other, adjusting the technique for your preferred gameplay.

Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments, who managed to test which assemblies on the Sandbox.

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