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Top 4 films about tanks

The exploits of tankers during the Second World War, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is here with you and we decided to compile a rating of films about tanks and tankers for the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, which you can watch during the protracted weekend and even get inspired to play WoT.

We went through a lot of films and came to the conclusion that we shot better before. Only the plot and intrigue, no spoilers, tried to tell about the films as accurately as possible.

“Lark” (1964)

The film is based on real events about the difficult fate of prisoners in concentration camps. Germany 1942, events unfold deep in the rear. The German military wants to modernize anti-tank guns, and they use Soviet tanks equipped with prisoners of war as test targets.

But a group of tankers manage to escape from the training ground in a captured T-34. The driver-mechanic Ivan took command and control. A crew of three Red Army men and one Frenchman is trying to break through to the front line. In a short period of time, they will have to overcome many obstacles, and the main character will make a difficult choice: to save his life or an innocent child.

They could sit in the rear until the end of the war and cave in before the Germans, but they showed courage and courage, which glorified them throughout the Soviet Union.

War as War (1968)

The film is based on the events of the liberation period of the right-bank Ukrainian SSR. The main characters are the crew of the SU-100 tank destroyer. A non-fired school graduate was appointed commander, while all his comrades in arms are older and more experienced. The plot and acting without pathos and unnecessary drama, everything is alive and natural.

The plot tells about the life of tankers, everyday and combat, harmoniously combining humor and the harsh truth of life. The climax of the film will be a battle in which the main characters will be at the forefront of the attack and will engage in battle with superior enemy forces.

Interesting fact! The film was filmed near the Soviet-Czechoslovak border and the troops of the nearest military district with a lot of military equipment were involved in the filming. And in the morning the Western news was blowing about the USSR invasion of Czechoslovakiaeven the BBC radio station reported it.

Combat vehicle crew (1983)

And again the plot about the legendary symbol of the Great Patriotic War “Thirty-four”. This film is distinguished by a real display of the war, without embellishing or distorting the events of 1943. The main character, the commander of the T-34 tank Menshov, was seriously wounded, but again rushes to the front. He was ordered to be treated and not to take part in hostilities.

But at this time, a German tank ace appears at the front, who just last time set fire to Menshov’s tank. The enemy continues bold forays and each time comes out victorious, then the hero decides to violate the order and enters into a duel with a dangerous opponent. These events take place on the eve of one of the largest tank battles near Prokhorovka.

Rage (2014)

Our rating has not been spared by a modern foreign-made film with Brad Pitt in the title role. April 1945 is shown, the collapse of Nazi Germany is approaching, and the Allied troops are advancing deep into enemy territory. The main characters are the crew of the Sherman tank (M4A2E8) under the command of the battle-hardened Sergeant Collier, who by all means wants to survive and save the lives of his people.

But things get complicated when a green recruit Norman Ellison is sent to replace the killed machine gunner. The guy used to serve in the headquarters and has not yet fought. The new crew member will have to get used to the idea that he must now without hesitation cut off the life of the enemy, otherwise the life of his comrades will be in jeopardy. The chances of getting through the war alive are further diminished when the crew is assigned a suicide mission.

In the final, you will meet with the Tiger, for the filming of which they took the world’s only fully functioning Tiger 131.

Interesting fact! Wargaming took part in advertising the film and even introduced the M4A3E8 Fury premier tank in honor of it.

Initially, a TOP 5 rating was planned, but after a thorough analysis of domestic films in the 21st century, dedicated specifically to tanks or tankers, we could not find a worthy candidate. It is difficult to compare with Soviet war films, when there was no computer graphics, and the plot was without an admixture of fiction, when the actors were completely and completely devoted to the role.

However, if you know other worthy films, then you can advise in the comments or share your impressions.

Options from comments

  • T-34 (2019)
  • White Tiger (2012)
  • Four Tankmen and a Dog (1966)
  • Sahara (1995)
  • Attack (1986)
  • Last Tank / Last Tank Battle (1969)
  • Tank brigade (1955)
  • 28 Panfilovites (2016)

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