Top 4 tanks for passing the referral. 3 level

Best for getting your free tier 8 premium tank quickly and effectively Solo referral is not a problem, the main thing is to choose the right technique.

Hello tankers! The 3rd season of the referral program in World of Tanks is already underway, and this is a great chance to replenish your collection of tier 8 premium tanks. Not everyone has comrades to invite to the game and go together, and it is difficult to find a reliable person on social networks. Therefore, the easiest way is to make a solo referral. It is for this purpose that we today offer four cars on which it is easiest to get the required points.

Let’s start with the simplest to keep the effort to a minimum – prem tanks… You can get at the start completely free two tanks at once (and 4 for rent)… To do this, you need to register a new account using the invite link and in the registration field, be sure to indicate the invite code TANKOLET

This will provide you at the start with free premium equipment, gold and a premium account.

IN present give Soviet LT T-127… It has good dynamics, so the tank is played quite cheerfully, at the beginning of the battle you do not have to travel for a long time to the place of the main events. He does not shine with maximum speed against the background of his classmates, he is one of the most armored. Nominal armor is not impressive, but at the expense of rational angles of inclination often catches ricochets and non-penetration.

Among single-tier vehicles, few people will be able to pierce it in the forehead without gold (except for tank destroyers), so a steel wall is an affordable medal to get points faster. He also has good weapons, which allows him to shoot damage and collect frags.

For the gold received by invitation, you can buy a German ST Pz. S35… He has good armor, especially the tower. It stands out with a large viewing radius, and everything is normal with its mobility.

The main advantage This tank is a rapid-fire cannon that can be reduced in 1 second, so you can shoot like a machine gun. It will become especially relevant after the vehicle’s HP is increased, because it has a great chance to disable enemy modules if aimed fire.

The main advantage of premiums T-127 and Pz. S35 – the ability to charge gold shells without much damage to the economy. This will allow you to effectively fight against the “fours” and more often take the Warrior and Support medals.

Now let’s pay attention to the pumped technique, because there are also a couple of great options there. First of all, it is mega popular and bulky Pz. IC… This is a car about brisk bursts and a bend in the sandbox. High top speed + large view radius and communication range make him the best scout at the level.

He has no armor, he does not forgive mistakes, but due to the gun he can stuff anyone and send them to the Hangar in a couple of seconds. From one cassette potential damage 320 units, which allows destroy even vehicles on a higher level… Ideal for flanking breakouts, can cut based on arto and bush cardboard tank destroyers.

Our top is completed by another representative of Germany, what can we do, they dominate in the sandbox. By the way, this is why they most of all take out techniques from the game. We are talking about the gameplay for the lazy, under the seeds or seagulls on the SPG Bison

It has highest armor penetration, which means that the maximum damage occurs more often, along the way upsetting opponents by writing a “one-shot”. Also this the only art that can stun at level 3. Good mobility allows you to change position, and the most long-range weapon will always find its prey.

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