• December 5, 2023

TOP 5 best characters of Don’t Starve Together (you won’t have to starve with them)

Survival adventure from Klei Entertainment offers players whole 23 heroes to choose from. Most of them are unlocked as a certain amount of experience points are accumulated, and each stage of the game has its own top characters.

Top 5 Best Playable Characters in Don't Starve Together

Most of the characters have merits and demerits, but some are deliberately made to be more hardcore. Such heroes are not very popular and are only chosen by experienced players in Don’t Starve Together. Favorite characters, however, are usually the most powerful in Persistence.

Regardless of whether gamers like hardcore or balanced characters, among them you can highlight the best, which is what this article is about!

5th place: Wendy


The perfect choice for those who doesn’t like to fight himself, but prefers to leave it to others. Wendy is frankly weak in battles, but she perfectly compensates for such a disadvantage. ghost sister Abigail… After being summoned, she protects the hero and attacks hostile mobs.

Also Wendy no problem crafting ghostly items and absolutely not afraid of the dark… The girl’s strong nerves allow her not to be afraid of monsters.

The only thing that can really hurt Wendy is the death of her ghost sister. This will take away a large number of sanity points, and given that they will also be spent on summoning Abigail, in the end Wendy will lose 80 sanity points (-50 for summoning, -30 for death).

Let the players who chose the girl suffer a little at the beginning because of weak attacks (-25% compared to the rest of the heroes), but later they will be able to plant a flower and be in the company of Abigail, who follows her sister anywhere (even to the caves!).

4th place: Webber


A child living inside a spider that tried to eat it. Spawns with several spider eggs and monster meat. By the way, takes no damage and does not lose his mind from eating such meat, regardless of the level of readiness (unlike other characters).

Webber is very hairy, which makes it easier for him to get through the winter season and shave off his hair to create various materials. Silk obtained in this way can be used for treating other characters

Other spiders in the game are child-friendly and can be tamed, so that they fought on the side of the player. The only exception is the Spider Queen, who is neutral towards Webber, but cannot be trained.

All peaceful creatures, such as hares and pigs, will immediately attack the child in the spider’s body. When playing in multiplayer, friendship with arachnids can turn into a problem for other players in the party. Also Webber has half the sanitythan other Don’t Starve Together heroes.

3rd place: Maxwell


Despite the fact that Maxwell is physically weak (has only 75 units of health) – this one of the strongest characters in the game… In the past, he was an ordinary magician, but now he is a demon who has imprisoned many people in Permanence. Formally, it is he created the game world

Maxwell spawns the Umbra Codex (book), with which can summon shadow counterpartsbut only if there is enough terror fuel. Also notable for the fact that loses very few sanity points… Moreover, the demon restores as many as 20 such units per minute passively without any additional funds.

2nd place: Vinona


Winona is a born factory worker who got into the game universe straight from production… A fighting woman hates any manifestation of laziness and is radically negative towards aristocrats.

Winona’s life is about building. Therefore, it is very practical and able to create various itemsuseful in building a base and used to strengthen defenses.

One of the main advantages of the character is that she spawns with three trusty ribbons in the outfit. With the help of them clothes can be fixed without the use of hound fangs.

1st place: Walter


A real Boy Scout (albeit small), built for survival and wildlife exploration. The character boasts the best equipment at the beginning, since it has:

  • Wobi the dog, in which you can carry objects and ride;
  • faithful slingshotwhich can do good damage at a distance;
  • pioneer hat, which reduces the loss of sanity from taking damage.

But, naturally, Walter also has disadvantages. First, the boy bee allergy, so he takes extra damage from them. Secondly, he loses a large number of sanity points when receiving double damage or more, and the debuff remains as long as the health level is less than 100%. And thirdly, no types of clothing do not restore sanity Walter, as he is completely indifferent to fashion.

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