• September 24, 2023

TOP 5 best escape rooms in Dishonored

Most of the tasks and levels in the masterpiece from Arkane Studios are well done, so it’s not easy to pick out the top ones. However, we still managed to do it, and now we present to your judgment a selection of the coolest missions.


Dishonored is a series of games set in a fantasy world in steampunk style. The main feature of the title is that almost every quest can be go in different waysusing abilities, hidden passages or direct clashes with opponents.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to solve global problems in the game world using various methods. For example, in one of the missions you can eliminate an important political person, which will affect the further passage and state of the universe. If you choose a peaceful path, the consequences will also be, but different.

This kind of detail and variety is only possible thanks to the meticulous work of Arkane Studios. Each mission was created with love and attention to detail.

The Dishonored series has come a long way since the release of the first game. After that, the sequel managed to come out, several additions and spin-offs, which expanded the universe… Nevertheless, the first part is still considered the best and in some ways revolutionary. It was she who made many players fall in love with herself, and interesting tasks were one of the reasons for this.

5th place: Royal healer

Royal healer

This mission is a breath of fresh air after the first three quests that focus on eliminating other characters. Well, the task “Royal Healer” is to kidnap Anton Sokolov… Thanks to this move, the game does not have time to become monotonous and repetitive.

The mission also has a minus. It consists in the fact that no choice the gamer does not. You can’t decide whether to kill Anton or give him life. Compared to much of the first Dishonored, this is a major oversight that catches your eye. But players can achieve the ultimate goal of the quest in different ways.

By the way, Anton Sokolov, who appears here as a negative character, appears in the second part of the game. In it, he already helps the protagonist, and the first meeting causes only nostalgia.

4th place: Flooded quarter

Flooded quarter

In this quest, Corvo shows his worst side, but this is not surprising: he was betrayed Emily is lost again, and there are no allies. After the whalers find the protagonist in the boat, he has to investigate one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city, which is located on its outskirts.

The heavy and desperate atmosphere of the area is superbly conveyed and therefore felt from the first minutes stay in it. Considering that before that Corvo was only in the wealthy quarters and in the palace, the sharp contrast is striking and shows a different side of the city and the character himself. Also the area is full of alleys and hidden placeswhere you can find various items.

it one of the biggest levels in the gamebut the mission itself ends up crumpled. It would seem that after solving all the problems with Daud, it’s time to go away, when suddenly Corvo is drawn into a conflict between Slackjov and Vera Morey, where the protagonist will have to choose a side.

But the task finally allows you to make sweet revenge, having dealt with the assassin of the empress.

3rd Place: High Overseer Campbell

High Overseer Campbell

After escaping from prison, Corvo Attano stops at the Pesya Pit pub, after which he finds first target to kill in the person of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell. Perhaps this is the first quest in which the game shows itself in all its glory. It clearly demonstrates that despite the only purpose of the murder, the player there are many options to address this issue, and at every stage of the level.

Besides, mission influences and on subsequent side missions. It will depend on the interaction with Vera Morey whether she will appear later or not.

2nd place: House of Delights

House of delights

Third, and perhaps the most varied mission in a game that gives you a lot of room to play. It uses the same principle as High Overseer Campbell, but the level itself is much larger and more detailed.

Since Emily is kept in the Golden Cat Baths, Corvo’s first task is to infiltrate the pleasure house. To do this can be done in several ways, which include the conclusion of transactions with rather dubious persons, for example, with Sleejov. In addition, the quest contains more than one target and ways to achieve them. The mission boasts high replayability

The mission also has a powerful emotional component: Corvo finally has a chance meet kidnapped Emilywhat he is waiting for from the very beginning of the development of the main events in the game. The meeting takes place in a relative warmth, and the girl immediately begins to show herself, coming up with a cunning escape plan. Already here you can see the makings of Emily, which allowed her become a playable character in the second part.

1st Place: Lady Boyle’s Reception

Lady Boyle's reception

One more innovative missionthat shows the game from its best sides. If the previous levels were based on keeping out of sight and merging with the shadow, then here to be in the very center of eventsdressed as an aristocrat. Thanks to this, you can talk with representatives of high society on an equal footing, learning their point of view on what is happening in the universe. This decision of the developers gives players the opportunity to look at the world from a different angle, seeing the gray tones.

If Corvo decides to take an open battle in order to get an appointment, he will have to face a new type of enemy – the tollboy. it huge elite security guardarmed with exploding arrows. To defeat such a formidable opponent, you will have to use tactics and be extremely careful.

Given the new enemies, a large number of ways of passing and interacting with previously inaccessible characters, this mission rises above all others. A true benchmark not only for Dishonored, but for most games of similar gameplay and genre.

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