• December 5, 2023

Top 5 best games similar to World of Tanks

The best battle simulators for military vehicles. Historical and modern combat vehicles, as well as offer a game in which you can independently assemble a unique device.

World of Tanks

Phenomenon World of Tanks hard to overestimate. This game brought together people of all ages and all professions, uniting in battle with each other. Low entry threshold, high skill cap, a huge selection of armored deadly vehicles, each of which has an analogue in real life.

War thunder

War thunder The main competitor to World of Tanks produced by the domestic company Gaijin Entertainment. Despite the fact that Tundra has three times fewer tank models than WoT, local battles are full of variety, because in addition to them the game has aircraft and navy… So if the main reason for you not to play Wargaming’s creation is the limitedness of only tanks, then War thunder will be a worthy alternative.

Another feature of the game is huge battlefields. Plus or minus is a moot point. On the one hand, in “Tundra” there is more room for maneuvers and unexpected tactics, which makes the battle more unpredictable, on the other hand, it is very annoying situations when your heavy tank is destroyed with a successful hit after it drove to the battle site at snail’s speed for five minutes , and the whole path has to start from the beginning.

Visually, War Thunder is excellent. The picture is juicy, realistic, well-developed in detail. It’s nice to watch your tank hiding in ambush on the winter map gradually cover with snow. True, you have to pay for this beauty with higher system requirements than those of Kartoshka, and if you have weak hardware, it will be problematic to play Tundra comfortably.

Game features

So, the key features that distinguish War Thunder from World of Tanks:

  • A variety of types of equipment;
  • Huge battlefields;
  • Unique damage system without the usual health bars;
  • Realistic detection and manual aiming.

Armored Warfare: Project Armata

Armored Warfare: Project Armata Obsidian Entertainment is primarily known for its RPGs. Neverwinter Nights 2, Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, and suddenly – an arcade tank simulator. World of Tanks laurels clearly haunted American developers, and in 2015 they tried to squeeze the Russians and Belarusians out. Open beta test Armored Warfare: The Armata project has attracted many gamers who are already fed up with “Tanks” and “Tundra”.

Plot Armored warfare unfolds in 2030, when, due to local wars and the economic crisis, the whole world turned into a platform for confrontation between three powers – Russia, the United States and China, as well as various terrorists, separatists, drug cartels and other scoundrels. However, the plot in this game serves only to justify the fighting, so let’s get right to the main point.

On the battlefields of “Armata” ground vehicles only: light and heavy tanks, self-propelled guns, etc., each type of vehicle has its own style of play and scope. As in WoT, the effectiveness of a vehicle in battle is determined not only by its level, but also by the skills of the crew.

But the damage system in the game is a cross between World of Tanks and War Thunder. Both the armored vehicle itself and each module have its own health bar, and the enemy can either damage or destroy an individual module or the entire vehicle. Add to this several types of shells with different damaging factors, and different types of active and passive protection.

Despite the fact that Armored Warfare was created later by World of Tanks, the graphic design in it is inferior to the Belarusian competitor. But this is also a plus, if you do not have the most modern hardware: the system requirements for “Armata” are lower.

Game features

The main differences between Armored Warfare: Armata Project from World of Tanks are:

  • Hybrid damage system;
  • The presence of systems for setting a smoke screen, anti-tank guided missiles, counter-battery firing and other interesting mechanics;
  • More dynamic battles.

Ground War: Tanks

Ground War: Tanks The story of this game began with a legal scandal. Upon learning that some enterprising Chinese were sawing their own clone of World of Tanks, Wargaming.net immediately began to sue them, thanks to which everyone found out about the unknown Project Tank project. Taking this opportunity, Mail.ru hurried to buy the rights to this toy and released it in Russia under the name Ground War: Tanks.

If something looks like World of Tanks, feels like World of Tanks and plays like World of Tanks, then this is not, not necessarily World of Tanks. Quite possibly, this is Ground War: Tanks.

Outwardly, these games are easy to confuse, and if you have already played WoT, then you don’t even need to rebuild.

But the main reason we added this clone game to our list is because you can play it directly from your browser. Even if your PC is from the Paleozoic, Ground War: Tanks will fly on it! The guys from Wargaming.net should have created a browser version of WoT for a long time, but the cunning Chinese were ahead of them.

Game features

  • The WoT clone from the original makes it difficult to confuse:
  • Minor cosmetic differences;
  • Runs on any calculator.


Crossout Taking a look at the interface of this post-apocalyptic action game, you immediately see some similarities with World of Tanks, and you will be partly right. Despite the difference in setting and mechanics, these games have a lot in common, but also their own chips. Crossout more than enough to tighten the gamer for a long time.

The plot of Crossout once again raises a sad topic: even if humanity is on the verge of extinction, it will still find a reason to kill each other. The entire world lies in ruins, and three factions are waging a fierce war for power over what is left of it, using for this purpose the technique collected from what is found underfoot. Literally.

If in WoT you immediately strive for battle, then in Crossout you will spend even more time in the garage than on the battlefield. Any car in the game is not a standard hull with a prescribed set of characteristics, but the creation of your hands, and the creation of an effective and efficient armored vehicle is a separate art, no less important than the ability to shoot and maneuver on the battlefield.

The tactical variety in Crossout is impressive. A huge something resembling an imperial walker from Star Wars rises up a hill and destroys an enemy armored jeep with one volley from a large-caliber cannon, and a few seconds later the giant is surrounded by small and nimble buggies and literally dismembered it into parts with circular saws. And modern graphics with good optimization make this process bright and colorful.

Game features

What is the difference between Crossout and World of Tanks?

  • Post-apocalyptic setting in the style of “Mad Max”;
  • You yourself design and customize your combat vehicle;
  • An impressive selection of weapons and additional equipment.


Rounding out our list of five games similar to World of Tanks is a Steam Early Access project created by as-yet-unremarkable Digital Universe. The creators of ExoTanks position their creation as a dynamic arcade tank shooter, and although the development of the game is still ongoing, some conclusions can already be drawn about it.

Plot ExoTanks will throw us into 2090. Resources on Earth have long been depleted, and people, represented by two factions – the Confederation and the Syndicate – are waging a war for the meager bowels of the red planet closest to us. The thin atmosphere of Mars is not suitable for military aircraft, and there are no reservoirs on the planet at all, and therefore you have to fight with the help of tanks and armored vehicles.

In ExoTanks, both futuristic magnetic levitation machines with plasma cannons, as well as classic tracked tanks and self-propelled guns, adapted for unusual battle conditions, leave the battlefield. The battles in ExoTanks combine mechanics reminiscent of Crossout and elements of MOBA games.

So of all the games on our list that are similar to World of Tanks, this game is the most dissimilar. But if you’re ready for a new experience, you should try it.

Game features

What distinguishes ExoTanks from Tanks is:

  • Unusual futuristic setting;
  • Upgrading armored vehicles right during the battle;
  • The class system inherent in MOBA games.

This concludes our list of games similar to World of Tanks. Of course, there are other projects about tank battles, and if we have not noted your favorite game, do not be discouraged, but tell us about it in the comments, and next time we will definitely write about it.

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