• February 22, 2024

TOP 5 Best & Most Secure VPNs in 2019

VPNs have become an integral part of the lives of most active users. Today, without an anonymizer or VPN, it is already quite risky to go online, our IP can be recognized by any website. Hackers can calculate almost all data about a person using the IP address. VPN is a solution to such problems, such services act as an intermediary. Traffic is usually sent from a computer or smartphone to the server and vice versa. After the VPN is installed, all data goes through a third-party server. When trying to calculate the IP, the attacker is sent the server address, not the user.

Another important role of the server is to encrypt all data so that hackers cannot intercept, let alone decrypt the data being sent. Even the ISP will not be able to track our actions after the VPN is installed. In this case, the server is already responsible for interacting with the web and encryption.

Now there are a lot of free VPNs for both PCs and smartphones. As their popularity grew, there were also more frequent cases of scandals when such companies sold information about service users to outside companies. Instead of confidentiality, they revealed even more data about the person. There are many paid VPNs that also record all user data and actions on servers. If a government agency takes care of them, the company will have to transfer all the data.

To completely protect yourself from tracking, you need to choose VPNs that do not record user data and any information about actions. If the information is not logged, it is impossible to merge anything into the network, sell or provide to third parties.

We are going to take a look at the 5 best VPNs in 2019 that do not keep server usage logs.

1. Private Internet Access

Quite apt name, it really is a private network access application. It is one of the cheapest VPNs that do not keep logs. The subscription price is $ 7 per month. The company has proven that it cares about user privacy. She confirmed this by refusing to provide any user data to authorities from different countries.

The monthly plan is one of the most affordable on the market. Most secure VPNs cost double that.


  • Up to 5 devices can be connected to one account in parallel;
  • When buying a tariff plan for 1 year, the price will be $ 3.33 per month;
  • Includes over 3 thousand servers, physically located in 32 countries of the world.

The service also has a couple of disadvantages:

  • Relatively low network access speed. This is due to the ordering of cheap servers and a large number of users;
  • Doesn’t support Netflix.

2. ExpressVPN

It has been on the market for providing VPN services much longer than the previous service. It has already established itself as one of the best and safest VPNs. The main advantages are high speed of work and impeccable reliability. ExpressVPN is also the best at bypassing China’s powerful firewall, which is famous for the strictest censorship on the planet.


  • Supports simultaneous work with three devices;
  • First-class speed of work;
  • Knows how to bypass the Great Chinese firewall;
  • Works with Netflix;
  • More than 2000 servers in 94 countries of the world;
  • The main office is located in the British Virgin Islands, where the company is relatively protected from pressure from the intelligence services of the UK and other countries;
  • Logs of user actions are not saved at all.


  • Quite high subscription price. The monthly price is almost $ 13, and in the case of a purchase immediately for a year – $ 8.3 per month

3. NordVPN

Burst into the TOP due to favorable terms of use. Provides fast download speeds, works with six concurrent threads, and has a strict no-log policy. Located in Panama, a country with virtually no laws requiring the preservation of information. This helps to contain the pressure of the governments of other countries.

NordVPN is quite good at bypassing China’s firewall and is good at dealing with their convoluted server network. The only exception is the iOS app cannot work with China servers.


  • Simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices;
  • Competitive pricing ($ 7 per month when purchasing an annual plan). If you buy a 2-year subscription, the monthly cost drops to $ 4, and the three-year subscription drops the monthly price to $ 3;
  • High speed;
  • Works successfully in China;
  • Lets you watch Netflix;
  • Over 6 thousand servers scattered across 62 countries.

4. CyberGhost

Although less popular, it is a good VPN. CyberGhost offers very reasonable prices and simultaneous access to the profile on 7 different devices. Headquartered in Romania, this country is quite loyal to Internet security. The app has dedicated servers for streaming from Netflix and other services. The main advantage is the pleasant price, just over $ 5 per month when purchasing an annual tariff plan. However, the speed is slightly slower than NordVPN.


  • You can connect up to 7 devices at the same time;
  • Low price;
  • Can download Netflix;
  • More than 3.5 thousand servers in 59 countries.


  • Average speed indicators.

5. IPVanish

Provides excellent speed and very competitive prices. Based in the United States, the company is under constant pressure from government agencies. An annual plan, broken down into months, costs less than $ 5. This makes IPVanish one of the cheapest VPNs out there.


  • Parallel connection of up to 10 gadgets;
  • Affordable price ($ 4.87 per month);
  • Good speed;
  • More than 1100 servers in 60 countries.


  • Doesn’t support Netflix streaming.

There are quite a few VPNs on the market, but it’s hard to know how secure a particular service is. At least we know for sure that the five listed VPNs have strict privacy policies and do not keep user records. Combined with the high speed of work, we can recommend any of the services for daily surfing the net.

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