• December 1, 2023

TOP 5 best tanks to raise the WN8 rating

Even the average player can make good stats by choosing the right technique. If you want to pull up the indicators to “green” or “turquoise”, then this rating is for you.

TOP 5 best tanks to raise the WN8 rating

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and review best tanks to raise WN8 in World of Tanks. The level of skill is quite important, at some point the player will want to join a good clan, but it is WN8 that will be the first to pay attention. In order to knowingly raise the statistics, maximum skills are not always important; a lot also depends on the choice of technique. We have selected the TOP 5 tanks for pumping the rating in a short period of time, having played several dozen battles, you can immediately notice an increase in the indicator.

In this article, we took level 9 as a basis, since this is where the most comfortable fights are (middle of the list or top). And at the same time, there are tanks here that are very sad in stock, and in the top configuration are demanding on the availability of gold shells, but they are the ones that best boost the WN8 rating.


ST USSR is a fairly dynamic tank, going into battle on it, you can not only raise the WN8 indicator, but also get the most out of the game on this combat vehicle. Over the years, extras have favored the T-54 for good DPM and booking… A ricochet tank, in order to receive bounces of shells, you just need to move, and at the time of reloading the opponent, use a rapid-fire gun and fill up the damage. Penetration by “gold” is not bad, it is 330 mm, for hitting an enemy that is one level higher than the desired WN8 indicator will grow faster.

Do not forget about the spotting of the opponent’s tanks at the beginning of the game, this can be done especially well in the absence of a large number of LT in the team. Before moving to a position, you should go over the list of allied vehicles and make the right choice regarding further actions.

He has a choice of 2 top guns: the first has a higher rate of fire by 1 shot per minute, and the second has better accuracy and armor penetration with a basic shell:

cannon T-54
Many extras recommend the former, since they still play gold at close range, and DPM in this situation decides

The main weapon of the CT is the DPM, which has T-54 good enough, you need to watch the flanks and inflict damage, and at the moment of detection, evade retaliation. No less it is important to surviveAs long as possible, it is not worth stagnating in place while tanking with a turret, the upper hatches will easily hit experienced players, and if the artillery begins to “focus” the problems will double.

For WN8 to grow, you need to keep the stat higher:

  • 50.98 Win%
  • 0.89 vehicles destroyed
  • 1406 dmg. average damage
  • number of detected vehicles 1.57

Leopard Prototyp A

A Tier 9 ST in the TOP configuration has an excellent weapon, penetration by the basic shell is good enough and is 278 mm… You can safely abandon the “gold” ammunition and increase the skills and abilities of the crew to the maximum, loading additional packs for each battle. Silver will be spent rationally, and the skill level will begin to grow with each battle. Damage from one projectile 420 units, which allows you to trade successfully even with some Tier 10 tanks.

Do not forget that Leopard Prototyp A is a fairly “cardboard” technique, survival should be in the first place, otherwise we cannot talk about a quick increase in WN8 indicators. The gun’s comfort and accuracy allows it to fire from a long distance and play as a support tank.

None of the team members will write bad things in the chat for such a fighting style, because this technique is risky to play in a different way.

The dynamics are just great, it is possible to occupy key positions quickly; it does not take much time to change the location. Taking into account all the nuances, you can perfectly raise the statistics on this tank, but do not forget that the Leopard Prototyp A is a rather specific combat vehicle that will require maximum caution.

The main mistake some players try to play the role of a classic CT at close and medium range. The Leopard has poor stabilization (nerfed in patch 1.10.1) and there is absolutely no armor, so many people foolishly lose precious health points, which makes it impossible to do more damage in the future.

For WN8 to grow, you need to keep the stat higher:

  • 50.4% wins
  • 0.96 vehicles destroyed
  • 1632 dmg. average damage
  • number of detected vehicles 1.13

M46 Patton

The American ST branch as a whole is well suited for raising WN8, because there is a clear lack of armor penetration with the base shell, and the accuracy is mediocre. Stock Patton is played on a cannon with 240 alpha and a breakdown of 190 mm, so many beginners or those who play without donation take it to the top for a long time and tediously, filling extremely low damage rates.

M46 Patton

His mobility is not impressive, there is essentially no armor, so the tank is not as comfortable as possible for pumping with basic shells and at the same time feels great on gold or opening a top gun for freedom.

For WN8 to grow, you need to keep the stat higher:

  • 50.89 Win%
  • 0.92 vehicles destroyed
  • 1528 dmg. average damage
  • number of detected vehicles 1.36

E 50

Germany’s Tier 9 alternative CT E 50 got a nice up in the recent patch 1.10.1. We increased the one-time damage on the stock gun, and the top-end gun improved the armor penetration to 230 mm. At the same time, we added armor to the tower, which will slightly increase the survivability. You can tank with a “rhombus” or VLD, fire from long distances, since the E 50 has enough precise instrument

It is equally important to know that the tank has good ramming performance: acceleration dynamics and weight. Therefore, at an opportunity it is worth taking advantage of this if there is little HP left

For WN8 to grow, you need to keep the stat higher:

  • 50.89 Win%
  • 0.95 vehicles destroyed
  • 1546 dmg. average damage
  • number of detected vehicles 1.36.

AMX 13 90

In principle, almost any LT is well suited for raising the rating, because many newbies simply fall into the light and merge without damage. Some simply “failed” in the class of light tanks, and some of the players are fixated on performing LBZ and sometimes leaking statistics in pursuit of this.

The first thing is to try not to die at the beginning of the battle, if possible, you should organize a good light, but when the situation is heating up drive off and give damage… AMX 13 90 is a dynamic LT, it will be able to quickly change positions and be productive not only to highlight the opponent’s technique, but most importantly – the presence of a drum for 4 shells. To implement it, you will have to charge a 248 mm breakdown gold on high-speed sub-calibers. By discharging the magazine, you can issue about 960 damage units.

Advice! You should not count on the basic shell, armor penetration too low, you need to spend money and download gold“.

Without dying at the very beginning of the battle on a tank of this class, any knowledgeable player can call the remaining LT as a real treasure for the team. It will be able to quickly detect and remove enemy artillery and give a free breath to the remaining TTs, which break through an important direction for victory. The overview must be shaken to the maximum using equipment and training the crew, and whenever possible, move 15 meters away from the bushes and shoot the damage, the more, the sooner you will notice growth WN8

For WN8 to grow, you need to keep the stat higher:

  • 50.89 Win%
  • 0.76 vehicles destroyed
  • 980.24 units average damage
  • number of detected vehicles 2.28.

As you can see, for growth, it is enough to realize at least 1 reel and you can already gain the necessary damage.


It will be possible to increase the WN8 indicator only after choosing the right technique, on which the player is going to take further actions. In this article, we examined mainly medium tanks, since they can combine different gameplay (from active explosions to gatherings in the bushes), while they are not so prone to focus from artillery.

The main thing to remember about the features gameplay on combat vehicles. Only the right approach to the gameplay will provide the desired increase in statistics. Firstly focus on dealing damage, even in a drain fight, try to live longer (do not rush to give up immediately) and make 2-3 additional shots. This is what distinguishes the extras from ordinary players – they play to the end and do not turn off from the battle even with turbachi.

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