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TOP 5 best video game novels

Virtual love can be as engaging as real love, especially when it comes to elaborate characters and deep, written stories. In these games you believe in the relationships of the heroes, and the finals of the novels remain in memory for many years.

Love in games – it’s not just a few special scenes and a couple of special dialogues. Everyone can show such a relationship, and real feelings appear only in the best titles. When the characters behave like real people, do not try to seem ideal and allow themselves emotions, then it is interesting to watch their sympathies. We have collected best love lines from games, after passing which you will remain impressed for a long time.

Sole Survivor & Comrades, Fallout 4

While Massachusetts’ nuclear waste may not seem like the most suitable place for love to flourish, Fallout 4 shows that even in these conditions, people capable of warm feelings. Many of the protagonist’s comrades open to lovebut it’s not that easy. It will not be enough to choose the right branches of the dialogue: everything happens slowly and for real.

Companions in Fallout 4 always react to the actions of the protagonist. Prove that your views are in line and get a trusted friend (and more). The game has many opportunities to talk and understand a personhiding behind a mask, and to top it off, each NPC has a quest that will help change his life… Fallout 4 makes you truly deserve love, and no matter who you choose, you will have a great storyline.

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Triss / Yennefer and Geralt, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt of Rivia has no shortage of beautiful ladies to pass the time with. But in The Witcher 3, two leading ladiesas different as fire and ice. They build relationships with a rude monster hunter, each according to their own scheme, but the story is so detailed and worked out that you believe in it from the first minutes.

AND cheeky Triss, and mysterious Yennefer combine wonderfully with Geralt. In addition, both ladies are interesting and deep personalities, which are pleasant to watch. it really tough choice, since the game has many reasons to stop at both the red-haired and the dark-haired magician. These novels are twisty, personal and amazing, full of the drama you would expect from the wizarding world.

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Ezio and Christina, Assassin’s Creed


All Ezio fans know how strong the love was between one of the best protagonists of the Assassin’s Creed series and Christina Vespucci. They met at the market where Ezio saved the girl from harassment. And so their romance began – passionate, full of pain and parting. Christina even had toto marry an unloved man, although she confessed that she had never loved him as much as Ezio.

Even the way the memory of Christina is triggered in the Brotherhood of Blood is romantic. To do this, the player needs chat with a woman who looks like her… This shows how much Lady Vespucci is ingrained in Ezio’s memory. Even in Claudia’s letter he remembers this lady: “After Christina died, something inside me dried up.”

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Shepard & Garrus, Mass Effect Series

The Mass Effect series is full of stunning love stories, but Garrus Vakarian is definitely one of the protagonist’s best romantic interests. For Male Shepard, the turian sniper is the best friend and reliable companion, but Femshep can go even further. The player will be rewarded with one of the most sincere and touching romantic arches in the series. Garrus is a versatile character, and his romantic storyline best illustrates this.

Shepard’s love can transform from a lost, angry soldier into a confident and loyal partner. Because of spiritual scars and personal tragedies, painful and deep, the romance of the protagonist and Garrus is only gets stronger and more complex as the game continues. He is adorably nervous at the beginning of their relationship and even gives some helpful advice on human-alien contact in moments of intimacy.

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Nate & Helena, Uncharted Franchise

Those who wait are the winners, and the Uncharted series proves it. Nathan and Elena’s romance is usually hidden behind high-profile Hollywood heists and action scenes, but those who love personal stories definitely won’t be disappointed with this secondary plot. Although this couple not everything goes smoothly, by the end of the episode Nathan and Elena have become a great tandem.

As with any gorgeous, realistic love story, the heroes’ journey to romance is far from easy. There is frustration, tension and even short-term separation. The characters are really working on their relationship, which is to be expected from a real pair of adults. Nathan and Elena end up become ideal partners for each other, but it’s not because of the scripting magic. The journey makes their love even sweeter.

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