• August 10, 2022

TOP 5 Best Windows 10 PC Games for Cats

If your cat or cat loves to play: runs after sun bunnies, hunts for ropes, balls of thread and is active in every possible way, you can entertain yourself and your animal well. This will help 5 good games that simulate an aquarium, mouse movements, ant shoots or just a jumping red dot. The cat will clearly be carried away by these pictures and will catch animals running on the screen. The 5 best cat games are a great way to have fun with your family and hear lots of funny meows and purrs.

Note! Links are attached to the names of the games, click on them and go to the store to install.

The Game for Pets

This is a simple yet addicting application, perfectly compatible with Windows 10. It contains 3 games at once to entertain your cat: laser hunter, fish catching and mouse hunting. Only the game is paid (in the Microsoft store), plus additional modes must be purchased separately. Best of all, our kitten reacted to the game with the mouse, he looked at it for a long time and intently, and then tried to catch it.

Fish Game For Cats

Do you think your cat or cat will love the colorful fish pond? They can be hunted to the death of the fish. It looks like any meowing animal will love it. Fish on a regular blue background look beautiful on any tablet. Most likely, this game will become one of your pet’s favorites. It is especially interesting for those who have an aquarium and want to distract the cat for a more harmless activity. Let the game be simple, but it will give a lot of pleasure.

Frisky!  Game for cats

This is not a game, but a whole set of 4 customizable mini-games for your cat. When you double-click on the screen, the background color and objects change. The cat will chase animals for hours, wasting energy harmlessly and cheerfully. It is a very simple and lightweight tablet app that doesn’t require a lot of memory. There is a mouse running on a cheese background, fish in an aquarium, balls flying on a sandy beach, and more. The application may not be free, but it is cheap.

Frisky!  Game for cats

Crushing ants can be very addictive for both humans and cats. Hasty insects try to escape punishment, but not this time. As soon as the pet realizes that they can be crushed, he immediately joins the process and is distracted from the real world for a long time. In the classic mode, the ants move straight, and in the crazy mode, they move along zigzag lines. The only problem is that the cat will definitely not protect the food from the bottom of the screen, so you need to be around and restart the game.

Frisky!  Game for cats

We have already considered games with insects, rodents and objects, what else can lure a cat? Of course, the famous red dot from the laser pointer. She just drives all the animals crazy, the virtual version is also not far behind. The app is very funny, you can enjoy it for hours. With the help of the scoreboard, you can additionally measure the efficiency of the cat.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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