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TOP 5 craziest and funniest weapons in games (and how to get them). With him, the passage will become unforgettable

TOP 5 craziest and funniest weapons in games (and how to get them)

Games can be entertained in different ways, but fun weapons are an integral part of most titles. Unusual appearance, combined with exceptional features and properties, make powerful artifacts out of ridiculous gizmos that strike with damage or laughter.

The Elder Scrolls: Wabbajack

Wabbajack is a Daedric artifact created by Sheogorath, the Daedric deity also known as the Prince of Madness, and is the embodiment of Sheogorath’s most chaotic nature. Wabbajack appears periodically in the Elder Scrolls series.The Elder Scrolls Wabbajack

The staff, when attacking, can absolutely randomly transform your opponent into a mud crab, chicken, rabbit, pig, cat; will occasionally make a light snack in the form of cheese or pumpkin out of the target, or can convert it to a regular stone or a handful of coins.

In more powerful cases, Wabbajack will arrange a real thunderstorm from lightning, summon a fiery Atronach or Daedra (but with the latter, an incident may occur – when the opponents are over, he will attack Dovahkiin).

An interesting fact: in the second part – Daggerfall, he acts as a two-handed blunt weapon, and in the 4th part of TES – the damage is done by a beam.

Awarded only for completing quests from Sheogorath (different in each part of the game).

Borderlands 3 – The Fabricator

Borderlands 3 - The Fabricator

The Eridian Fabricator is a legendary artifact, the main feature of which is that it shoots other weapons instead of cartridges. In exchange for 10 units of eridium (rare in-game currency), this cannon can create any other cannon in terms of player level, from green (uncommon) to purple (rare). The chance of a weapon falling out is random, often several of them fly out at once.Borderlands 3 - Fabricator 1

This cannon also has a second “firing” mode: in exchange for 250 units of eridium, the player will surely drop at least one legendary weapon tied to its level.

The only artifact in the game that is used in the weapon slot without taking up a slot in the inventory.

Awarded when completing a story quest “Footprints of the Giants”… However, due to the fact that this artifact drops out towards the end of the game, it is unlikely that it will be possible to use it for a long time, but, believe me, it is worth it.

Dead Space 2 – Hand Cannon

In the world of fear and horror, filled to the brim with alien offspring, you need a reliable toolkit and arsenal. What could be more powerful than a three-barreled assault cannon, a portable mine planter or a sniper rifle that fires armor-piercing rounds? The answer is obvious and (of course) lies on the surface: a bright red fan’s glove.Dead Space 2 - Hand Cannon

However, don’t be fooled by looks: this is one of the strongest weapons in the game. Having unlimited range and infinite ammunition, the glove applies colossal damage and is capable of destroying ordinary enemies with one shot, regardless of the difficulty level.

Each weapon shot is accompanied by the protagonist “Piu”. In addition, when aiming, light emanates from the glove (and this is in the absence of a flashlight on it!).

To get it, you must completely complete the game on the maximum difficulty level.

Team Fortress 2 – Golden Frying Pan

The Golden Frying Pan is one of the rarest and most valuable weapons in Team Fortress 2, with a minimum price per item – 7 thousand dollars… The cost is due to the fact that: exists total 240 items… The difficulty of obtaining it in the game is proportional to the price: the chance of dropping out is random after completing the PvE mission “Two Cities”, which is the most difficult of all PvE missions available in the game.Team Fortress 2 - Golden Frying Pan

In the game, the golden frying pan behaves exactly the same as the usual one: when hitting, the impact sound from Left 4 Dead is played, however, unlike the same standard frying pan, the gold frying pan is available to all classes, and after killing the enemy, the ragdoll (physics model) is not created , instead of it there is a golden statue of a slain enemy.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Vstanislav Shishkin

It is noteworthy that in the original the weapon is called Sir John Falstaff in honor of the comic character in Shakespeare’s play. In terms of localization, there is only one big mystery why our weapon was called “Vstanislav Shishkin”, even the developers joked on this topic that they themselves did not fully understand how it happened.vstanislav shishkin

The description of the baton amused many, and the process of obtaining is also not easy. However, its effectiveness in battle is extremely low, since non-lethal damage is inflicted… The weapon is rather fun, as the process of “plugging” itself looks rather unusual (to put it mildly).

In terms of originality, this club in Cyberpunk can compete with the “smart” Skippy pistol talking to its owner.

You can get it for completing the story quest “Dollhouse” the player will call Meredith Stout and offer to meet at the hotel to “get to know better.” After Vee and Meredith have finished “talking”, the purple club will lie on the bed.

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