• December 1, 2023

Top 5 games similar to WoT

Tank simulators for your phone that will not let you get bored. The ranking contains games for powerful and weak gadgets.

Top 5 best games similar to World of Tanks

Gone are the days when mobile games were primitive casual games. The hardware of smartphones is striking in speed and gives a picture limited only by the capabilities of the screen, and no one will be surprised by the mobile version of Call of Duty or Fortnite. But if you love tanks, then you are probably looking for mobile games similar to World of Tanks. Our article will help you.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz And the first game on our list is mobile version of WoT from the developers themselves, and there is no game more similar to the original for smartphones. This is a beautiful, well-optimized tank battles game, which is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the desktop version. However, Blitz has a number of differences from the PC version.

The maps in the game are more compact and less variable, but this does not harm the gameplay, the battles are still perceived lively and interesting. Short fights are more likely a plus for a mobile game: I got five free minutes, I played a game – and back to business.

Touch controls, as it turned out, are great for a tank simulator, in contrast to various shooters, where reaction is the most significant parameter.

The tank does not move quickly, the tower turns even more slowly, thanks to which the weight and power of this colossus is literally felt at your fingertips. Believe it or not, Blitz was even better immersed in the game, thanks in large part to the controls.

The choice of tanks is almost the same as in the PC version, but with one main difference: there is no art in Blitz Discussion on this topic periodically revives in the community, but in dynamic tank battles on small maps there is hardly a place for artillery.

Game features

  • Closest to the desktop version;
  • Fascinating short fights.
  • No art.

Armored Warfare: Assault

Armored Warfare: Assault If World of Tank Blitz practically repeats World of Tanks on mobile platforms, then Armored Warfare: Assault with Armored Warfare: The Armata Project has little in common. Except, of course, the excellent visuals, almost indistinguishable from the graphics on the PC. Assault requires good hardware from your smartphone or tablet to play comfortably, and this should be taken into account.

Compared to Blitz, Assault is a much simpler game. If the mobile version of WoT has the features of a tank simulator, then Armored Warfare is a typical arcade game with a rather primitive gameplay.

Appeared, rushed into battle, shot at the enemy, died, left the respawn and again into battle. But if you’re looking for a simple tank game, this is the option for you.

All tanks in Armored Warfare: Assault are divided into four classes: heavy, assault, support and “snipers”, so there is a certain variety in the gameplay. There are also unique abilities like a smoke screen and airstrike, thanks to the competent use of which you can turn the outcome of the battle in an instant.

Game features

Summarize. Armored Warfare: Assault is

  • Beautiful graphics;
  • Arcade dynamic gameplay;
  • Unique “superpowers”.

Tanks online

Tanks online Browser game “Tanks online” widely known in narrow circles of fans of tank battles. The developers of the mobile version did not reinvent the wheel, but took already proven ready-made mechanics that show themselves perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

In “Tanks” there is no emphasis on realism. The combat vehicle consists of only two parts – the body and the gun. The hull determines the balance between maneuverability and protection of the tank, but the choice of weapons is quite wide, from familiar weapons to flamethrowers and futuristic energy cannons. And each element is pumped for in-game currency.

And now, your car is ready for battle, you choose one of the game modes and go into battle. There are many modes in Tanki Online, from the usual team-by-team post-fireballs to capturing the flag, controlling points and even playing with a ball. The battles are arcade, but there are also tactical elements with the use of shelters, the encirclement of gaping opponents, the imposition of a favorable combat distance on the enemy, etc.

You can play Tanki Online on your smartphone with your friends from the browser version, the games run on the same protocol. But the control in the mobile version leaves much to be desired: turning the tower with your finger is inconvenient, and aiming with long-range guns is rather difficult, it is much easier to arm yourself with flamethrowers and get into close combat. It’s not scary to die, the respawn is not far away.

Game features

So, Tanki Online on a mobile is:

  • Arcade battles in many different modes;
  • Full compatibility with the browser version;
  • Simple and nice graphics, optimized for weak devices.


Tanktastic An interesting project for Android and iOS by the American company GHOR Corporation continues our list. The developers do not hide the source of their inspiration, but instead of mindlessly copying World of Tanks, they created their own atmospheric and recognizable game.

Compared to the two previous games on our list, Tanktastics is much closer to a simulator than an arcade. Each armored monster obeys the laws of physics, even two similar machines of the same line can feel differently, the ballistics of shells are also at their best, except that the collision mechanics are simplified.

Alas, for realism I had to pay with somewhat inconvenient controls – it is quite difficult to rotate the camera and the turret at the same time, and due to manual aiming, only cybersportsmen can conduct aimed fire at a long distance. And the cards in the game are large, so you will rarely be able to rush into a ram, firing point-blank from the main weapon.

Visually, the game is made without frills. The developers preferred to bet not on beautiful and sophisticated graphics, but on the availability of the game even on weak devices, and they coped with this task. By the way, iOS and Android users play together, and the search for battles lasts only a few seconds, which indicates a high online.

Game features

As a result, Tanktastics will suit you if you

  • Ready to put up with complex controls for a good physics engine;
  • Love tactical battles on large maps;
  • Do not plan to buy the latest generation smartphone for the sake of graphical bells and whistles.

Infinite Tanks

Infinite Tanks

Infinite Tanks Is a game that lives up to its name. And it’s not only a huge selection of tank vehicles, but also almost endless customization possibilities. You can take a hull from one tank, a turret from another, attach additional equipment from a third, buy guns separately, and then paint your creation. “I don’t like ready-made tanks – do it yourself!” – this is the main principle of the game.

It would seem that with this approach one should hardly expect good things from Infinite Tanks, but this is not the case. The game is much deeper than ordinary arcade post-shoots: it has a good physical model, changes in weather and time of day, destructible environment, and even the controls are convenient, although not as much as in Blitz.

Battles take place in gigantic and varied locations, from open icy tundra to city streets. In addition to battles with players, there is also a good storyline campaign.

There are no complaints about the visual of the game either. Everything burns, explodes, under a hail of shells whole buildings collapse on the heads of enemies, an enemy ambush bursts into the uneven formation of colorful cars, and aviation roars in the sky, looking for a target to strike. Optimization in Infinite Tanks is not bad, but there may be problems on weak mobile devices.

Game features

So, Infinite Tanks is:

  • Full customization and collection of your own tank;
  • Noisy large-scale battles;
  • An interesting plot that is played alone.

Here are the five best tank games for iOS and Android we have succeeded, from an almost exact copy of World of Tanks to a futuristic simulator with an interesting storyline. What to choose from this – decide for yourself, and if you have another worthy game with an example that we missed, write about it in the comments, and we will definitely tell you about it next time.

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