• November 29, 2023

Top 5 imb with equipment 2.0

They will bend hard in randomness after the release of new equipment. They are still playing well, but they will become even tougher.

Hello tankers! The desire to go around in randomness is not alien to each of us, so the question of choosing an immobile technique is always relevant. We have already summed up the results of testing equipment 2.0 in World of Tanks and now presents the top 5 tanks, which will play even better due to the received profile slots and new modules.

Let’s start with the STB 1 medium tank. It is still one of the best leader among ST in terms of damage per minute, and due to the fact that the developers gave him profile slots for firepower and mobility, he still can increase the DPM more strongly and increase the comfort of shooting:

One of the best premium LT and scouts in general for performing LBZ is now ELC EVEN 90. Due to its very low silhouette, she has best stealth, any bush can be used to improve camouflage. The only drawback is imbuing only at passive light up.

BUT, due to the new modules, the Christmas tree will become a universal scout. Now the camouflage net and the stereoscopic tube are available only for tank destroyers (separation of equipment by class), but instead of LT they received mandlousy exhaust system for a permanent increase in vehicle stealth:

Given that this stealth coefficient is now a constant value both in motion and on the spot, this vehicle will become more effective LT.

And where can we go without the “wheels”. Wanted their nerfs? And get an up! All French armored vehicles from level 8 received two profile slots for reconnaissance (to all conventional LT was given only 1 ), so in the second slot they can put the module on +4 seconds to spot the enemy (you will not glow for 10 seconds, but for 14 and you will only know about it when they start shooting at you) or vice versa, they can reduce the time of lighting up your own car to 6 seconds and become even more elusive.

An example of a top-end EBR 105, it has stealth compared to old equipment grew by more than 6%:

Swedish tank destroyer STRV 103B can also boost stealth unrealistically. Camouflage net gives 15% to stealth while mobile and is not reset when the state of siege is activated + new module experimental gunpowder by -17.5% to the vehicle’s visibility after firing.

Now she (and other Swedish Birds from level 8) have really become a shooting bush. They can safely shoot from a distance of 200-250 meters and remain unnoticed

Many players will be glad that the nerfed FV4005 a year ago is ready to set fire to the chair under enemy players with just one shot, as can now improve accuracy very well using the new modulethe best sights:

Now her accuracy you can overclock the maximum up to 0.37, which is kind of mediocre, but what will happen with new equipment:

If pre-combat instructions are still made on the module to improve accuracy, then for sure it will be possible to overclock up to 0.32… Considering the one-time damage caused by gold shells, cardboard tanks cannot be envied.

The first stage of testing the new equipment has already ended, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results. What are the advantages and disadvantages of putting it into the game. Read more about assemblies for each class in the section “Interesting”

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