• April 22, 2024

TOP 5 interesting games for recruiting subscribers to the Twitch channel

Want to become a streamer? Communicate with the audience, play your favorite games, eat chips, and also receive a lot of donations. Alas, you need to be prepared for the fact that your favorite games may not be interesting to subscribers. And to become more famous, you need to know which games are popular with the audience. Therefore, we have prepared a selection of games that attract a wide audience.

Interaction with viewers

A good option is games with the ability to join the stream. So that you can play with subscribers. You will now think about CS: GO or Dota, but in reality it is better to choose inactive games. In which you can play without much concentration, and spend most of your time communicating with subscribers.

It could be a simple racing game like Marbles on the Stream or more action games like Jackbox Party Packs.

Shall we compete in the skill?

You love to watch the best players in the world perform cool moves in MOBs or shooters. Faker, a TOP-1 LoL player, switches to games like Geometry Dash during the rink. This is very surprising to his audience. Not everyone needs to repeat the feat of a Korean player, but you can also show your followers the skill in reaction games.

A great example of such games is osu !, which requires hand coordination and quick reflexes. It has level creation tools so that subscribers can create challenges for streamers themselves.

VR games are fine if you have a virtual reality headset. Everyone loves to watch sticky videos of players doing incredible stunts in Beat Sabr.

Viral games

Some games have an audience because of the hype they create before launch, for example, Fall Guys.

If you can see that the attention of popular streamers is focused around one game, that’s all it takes for the game to become popular with viewers. Among Us is an example of a game that became popular after being picked up by famous streamers.

Therefore, watch popular streamers, pay attention if they play little-known projects with the possibility of social interaction. Viewers will show interest in the game if it is played by a streamer and try it for themselves. If you take advantage of this interest, you can increase the number of viewers on your channel. In this case, speed is important.

Don’t be afraid to get scared

Funny contradiction in the title, isn’t it? Quarantine has triggered a tendency towards human emotions, people like it when a streamer is intimidated by scary moments in horror movies, or vice versa, if he is holding back his emotions in front of terrible scenes.

Single-player games, for example, Close Your Eyes 2: The Glass Vedalia, draw emotions from streamers. You can also multiplayer, like Dead By Daylight, they attract the audience, but not as much as the single ones.

Classic PlayStation and Nintendo series

Nostalgia is a powerful hook for many people. It’s nice to watch the game that you remember with love from childhood. For this reason, if you can stream games from the PlayStation 2 era or classic Nintendo consoles, then you should definitely do it. You will definitely find an audience willing to watch you.

Popular games in series such as Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask from The Legend of Zelda, or games from the Jak and Daxter trilogy. They keep many good memories for adult viewers.

Remember, the choice of the game must be justified. If you play Among Us and have a school-aged audience, they won’t have any nostalgic memories when you play Nintendo games. Experiment, but consider how the audience will react to it.

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