• May 26, 2022

Top 5 most common Sims 4 bugs

Despite all its shortcomings, the Sims series has always been considered highly optimized. However, this was until the release of the fourth part, which amazed the community with its bugs!

Sims 4

The Sims 4 players had to deal with a huge number of bugs and flaws that the developers stubbornly refused to fix. Some of them are still fixed, for example, vampires dumb at the door of the house or an inactive task bar. However, there are still many gameplay problems that are capable of to piss off the player and make him leave Sims forever. We have selected only 5 of them, which are found in almost every gamer, but this is enough to feel all the pain of the fans of the series.

Broke what they came up with

Sims 4

After the release, the Sims 4 had a great feature: if all the characters are at work or asleep, then on the acceleration of time x3 it goes even faster! You could skip these boring, unnecessary areas. However, after the release of several DLCs, this feature broke. Time boost now works every time all Sims go to bed at home.

There are several other frustrating bugs associated with beds. For example, a sofa bed from the Compact Life catalog will kill a character with a high probability (more than 50%) if it is not improved beforehand. There is also one more annoying bug: earlier the characters could move on the bed by themselves if it stood against the wall, to the desired edge. Now, without a free cage on the side, they will not go to bed.

Eternal grief, but why?

Sims 4

The emote system is undoubtedly the best thing about The Sims 4. However, it has not been without a fly in the ointment. As long as you play the first, well, the second generation of your family, everything will be fine. And here the grandchildren of the family will certainly suffer from the deaths of unfamiliar characters. Dynasty Challenge players especially suffer from this bug.

Even if the Sim has minimal friendly relations with the NPC, after his death he will receive an alert and a negative moodlet for 2 days. When a character really close to the hero dies, it’s not scary. But this is how the sim will suffer for everyone: a bartender whom I saw once at a party, a casual acquaintance from the festival, a bully classmate from elementary school. Thus, if, according to your idea, the hero is sociable, he will be in a sad state because of the moodlet almost forever, because every 2-3 days a new NPC will die.

No butlers needed

Sims 4

Do you see our Camilla, there, in the distance? And this man in the foreground? He is a butler. Why the butler is not standing in front of Camilla’s house, but in front of a nearby park, is not clear to anyone. And that’s not the only problem with the attendants in The Sims 4. Maids, butlers, gardeners, and nannies are simply useless in the game.

As conceived by the developers, the maintenance personnel must perform their duties themselves. But it doesn’t work that way – the maids do not collect all the dishes, the butler ignores the wash, the gardener forgets to weed the plants, and the nannies just go off to do their own thing and pay no attention to the children. Because of this, the service staff becomes useless, and this bug has not been fixed until now.

I cut where I want, mine where I want

Sims 4

Our butler will help us demonstrate another annoying bug. There is no zoning in The Sims 4 in terms of gameplay. He took the ingredients for the salad in the refrigerator, and the butler went with them to the bathroom. He just liked the cabinet there more than those 8 cabinets in the kitchen.

The same problem happens with the plates. If Sims have dirty dishes, they can collect them and carry the wash to the sink on the second floor to the bathroom, while ignoring the exact same one in the kitchen. This seriously destroys realism, and is solved only by mods, because the developers have not yet responded to this problem.

You can’t even eat in a restaurant

Sims 4

Have you noticed Camilla’s face? She is so unhappy because the waiter did not come to her for several hours. The Restaurant Expansion brought a lot of cool gameplay to the players and one terrible bug was the staff. Only the cooks work properly, and even then only in most cases. The receptionist at the entrance can leave to read books or watch TV, and the waiters almost never come to the table.

To place an order in a restaurant, you have to pause the game and look for service personnel on different floors of the establishment. When a waiter is found and the order is gameplayed out, you will have to wait at least half an hour of game time, or even more, until he deigns to come and listen to the sims. And only from this moment will cooking begin! Going to a restaurant will take a very long time.

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