• September 28, 2023

Top 5 most difficult side quests

Top 5 most difficult side quests of The Witcher 3

If the player loves to complete side quests, then The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a dream game for him. There are plenty of opportunities to deviate from the main storyline. Tired of looking for Ciri? You can take care of Geralt’s personal life, play Gwent, or take a couple of contracts.

Side quests differ significantly from each other. While doing it, the player can relax and enjoy the plot without being distracted, while others will throw the witcher into the abyss of battles with monsters and people. Introducing 5 of the hardest optional quests in the Wild Hunt world.

Return to Krivoukhovy swamps


Quest “Return to Krivoukhovy swamps” has become for many a bitter pill to be swallowed. The plot is based on a difficult choice for Geralt. The story cannot end with a happy ending – the ending will either have a taste of bitterness and longing, or it will simply turn out to be tragic for most of the participants in the events. Even after completing the quest, there remains a depressing sense of hopelessness.

A number of skirmishes with monsters, including a demon, the battle with which will be remembered for a long time, adds pain.

In wolf’s clothing


The task “In the wolf’s clothing” is directly related to the main plot, more specifically – the search for Geralt and Yennefer Ciri on Skellige… During the investigation, they learn about the inhabitant of Freya’s grove damned wolf… But the monster itself is not so terrible as running around the grove and the surrounding area in search of quest items and places that you need to collect and visit in order to get most of the possible endings.

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Mouse tower

The Witcher 3: Mouse Tower

This “mouse fuss” begins in Velene, shortly after the start of the passage. The player may simply not yet be ready to be in the thick of things. The quest has several endings, and the wrong choice, which is not so difficult to make, will lead to the death of many people. To the heap you will have to fight with the boss, which will make even experienced players sweat.

Deadly sins

Deadly sins

In this mission, the action takes place in Novigrad… At first it seems that the quest is elementary. However, succumbing to this feeling is easy to make mistakes and fail the task at the initial stages.

Geralt has to find serial killerwho attacked Dandelion’s girlfriend, Priscilla. Making one mistake, you can lead the investigation to a dead end and never find out who the real culprit is.

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Destination paths

Destination paths

To get a rare silver sword, Arondit, from the mistress of the lake, Geralt will have to prove that he owns all five virtues that are so valued in Toussaint… The catch is that to start the task, the witcher needs to talk to the hermit living with Selyavi lakes… If the player gets to him later than necessary, there is a chance that the witcher will have missed by that time the chance to prove that he possesses some of the virtues. You will have to start an earlier save and start all over again.

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The English name of the quest – There Can Only Be One – is a reference to the slogan of the Highlander franchise, popular in the 80s and 90s, which has become a meme. And Arondite, although it is the local counterpart of King Arthur’s sword, definitely resembles the ancestral weapon of the MacLeod clan.

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