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Top 5 Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege is a game that requires the gamer not only to have a good reaction and knowledge of maps, but also to understand which operator will perform better from the attacking and defensive sides. It often depends on whether the team will finish the match successfully.

Top 5 Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege

So let’s take a look at the top 5 operatives from each side.


  1. Difficulty level: middle.
  2. Speed: average.
  3. Protection: average.

This hero introduced in OperationWhite Noise“- a bright manifestation of the hybrid in everything. Dokkaebi has turned out to be a rather flexible operative, which allows her to put her in almost any role – as an independent attacking unit or support in a squad of several people.

The main ability is “Logic bomb“, Which allows you to detect the enemy in a small radius. It is enough to launch a virus, and the phones of enemies start make sound along with vibration, which unmasks their location for a while. The adversary has to spend time turning off the phone, which makes him defenseless in the face of the enemy.

The arsenal of this operative is as follows:

  1. Primary weapon. You have to choose between a sniper rifle MK 14 EBR and a shotgun BOSG.12.2… With the first, it will turn out to be not in such close contact with the enemy, which allows you to protect the hero.
  2. Additional weapon. It is more interesting here, since the choice is between a pistol with an automatic rate of fire. CZ75 and a submachine gun SMG-12… Here, of course, it is better to put a second weapon in your build, since Dokkaebi has extremely little automation.
  3. Device. It’s about two grenades – smoke or light noise. Each of them is equally useful, so here you should choose the most preferable option.

Elite skin on Dokkaebi

Now the fun part is the bundles. Dokkaebi feels great in conjunction with some of the heroes.

  1. IQ… The partner will be able to use his DED (Remote Electronic Detector) to detect enemy phones that vibrate due to the Dokkaebi virus.
  2. Fuze… After finding the phones, the teammate puts a KZ-6 cassette charge, which can be used to clear the room and, if possible, even kill opponents. If not, then interfere with the ambush.
  3. Lion + Jackal… A virus from Dokkaebi is launched. Lion turns on his drone and hides it, glancing through it from time to time. Jackal turns on the scanner and looks for enemies. The constant work of all these gadgets does not allow the enemy to relax, since the location will be constantly known to the attacking squad.

Video: Dokkaebi Tips


  1. Difficulty level: low.
  2. Speed: average.
  3. Protection: average.

Zofia is a fairly straightforward hero introduced during Operation White Noise. It is a good choice for beginners due to the reduced difficulty of mastering, as well as balanced indicators of speed and armor.

Her equipment and special equipment makes the operator a pure attacker. But who got in the way of the firepower it can provide?

Zofia has a grenade launcher called KS79 Lifeline. It looks interesting enough – two barrels allow you to fire two shells very low latency… In total, the player has only four grenades – two shock and two more shock

Zofia is the only one, with the exception of Tachankin, who can use the Overcome feature. This ability allows the operative to raise himself up when bleeding without the help of anyone. True, there is one “but” – only 5% of HP remains. This forces you to play as carefully as possible, so that the “revival” is not wasted.

Elite skin on Zofia

Zofia’s arsenal is quite modest:

  1. Primary weapon. Choose between light machine gun LMG-E and an assault rifle M762 it won’t be easy. On the one hand, heavy machine gun fire will force the enemy to retreat. On the other hand, it is comfortable shooting with an assault rifle with accurate headshots.
  2. Additional weapon. There is no choice – you have to play with RG15, which can be used in case of protection.
  3. Device. You have to choose between breakdown charge (creating holes on the wall or on the floor) or mine Claymore, which must be aimed at enemies in order for someone to explode.

Now – about the bundles. Zofia will be beautiful in the following bundles:

  1. Finka… With her Adrenaline Rush, Zofia can recover even faster from being hit by blinding and stunning mines from Ela and other operatives using similar traps.
  2. Doc… Can restore Zofia health after Overcome.
  3. Ash + Blitz + IQ… With such a bundle, Zofia simply forgets about the existence of traps as such. However, you need to remember about the Frost trap.
  4. Thermite + Glaz + Montagne… You can attack the site from two sides. Termite breaks through the wall, the Eye shoots from afar, and Zofia from Montage ahead comes in and storms.

Video: Zofia Tips by Beaulo – Team SoloMid Player


  1. Difficulty level: tall.
  2. Speed: high.
  3. Protection: low.

IQ is a starting hero, which allows novice players to start learning almost immediately one of the most useful and “meta” operators from the Attack side.

Possesses special detector, allowing see any electronics within the range of the device. It is this device that becomes the main one in any combination with another hero. True, during the operation of the scanner, IQ can only defend itself with a pistol, which makes it more vulnerable

Elite skin for IQ

IQ’s arsenal makes you think about the choice of the main weapon. Let’s consider it in more detail:

  1. Primary weapon. Two assault rifles – AUG A2 or 552 COMMANDO, as well as a machine gun G8A1. It will not be easy to choose – the AUG has a smaller spread, but the 552’s damage is greater, although with prolonged fire the barrel goes to the right (it is better to shoot in short bursts of three bullets). Part of the problem with the 552 is the straight handle.
  2. Additional weapon. Play with only P12, a muzzle brake which will improve the headshot issue when firing single bullets.
  3. Device. You need to choose between a breakdown charge or a Claymore mine.

Now about the bundles. IQ will feel in tandem with the following operatives:

  1. Dokkaebi… The scheme of action can be found in the description of this character.
  2. Thatcher… Detector and EMP grenade = no traps, cameras or other equipment that use electricity.

Video: Tips for Playing for IQ


  1. Difficulty level: low.
  2. Speed: average.
  3. Protection: average.

Kapkan Is a Russian operative whose difficulty is quite low, which makes it convenient for newbies.

Refers to the Defense side.

Moves fast enough for average stats, which is important for inexperienced players.

Possesses special traps “Trap” M IIwhich are installed at doors, windows and elsewhere. Has an invisible laser beam, the intersection of which activates the device itself. The explosion can take away HP, and if we talk about the environment, it can partially destroy it.

Kapkan’s arsenal is quite interesting. Let’s take a look at each weapon category:

  1. Primary weapon. Submachine gun 9x19VSN or a shotgun SASG-12. For a roamer, of course, the first option is better. With a straight grip and short bursts, virtually all bullets will aim exactly where Kapkan was aiming. For defensive play in tight spaces – a shotgun. Its destructive power with the same handle can be controlled and directed to quickly get rid of the enemy.
  2. Additional weapon. Two pistol models – Makarov and GSH-18. The first has higher damage, but the recoil is stronger. The second with a muzzle brake has practically no recoil, so it is very convenient for them to take headshots.
  3. Device. You have to choose between shock grenade or C4 with remote blasting

Elite skin on Kapkan

Now about the bundles. The Russian Kapkan soldier will feel like a fish in water, provided that the following operatives are next to them:

  1. Frost / Gridlock + Jager / Wamai + Kaid… They can let the enemy in and surprise them with an unexpectedly large number of traps that are most inconvenient for attackers. The Frost trap makes the enemy defenseless while pulling out the leg, the Gridlock device will make the territory impassable due to the many spikes that cover a fairly large area, and the Jager’s or Mag-NET Wamai’s grenade reflection system will not allow attack from afar by throwing them. Kaid is able to electrify all metal (wires, reinforced walls, Gridlock spikes), which will serve as an additional measure of protection.
  2. Lesion + Ela + Frost + Alibi… An assembly for completely stopping the attack on the defenders’ site. The first puts on its poisonous games, the second – blinding sticky mines. For the third – traps that will force the enemy to stand still. But the latter has a different role – to lure all opponents to the area with traps due to the hologram.

Video: Quick Tips for Playing Kapkan


  1. Difficulty level: low.
  2. Speed: average.
  3. Protection: average.

The last hero we will consider in this TOP-5 is Lesion. The Hong Kong operative, like the Trap, is a simple one, which allows him to recommend him to beginners.

Its “feature” is poison dart mine inside. After the drop, you need to wait a few seconds before the needles distributed on the nearest territory, and the device itself that released them, disappears… The needles themselves inhibit enemy and moreover take away 10 units of health in a second of being among them.

Elite skin for Lesion

Lesion’s arsenal is simple. However, there is plenty to choose from:

  1. Primary weapon. Submachine gun T-5 SMG or a shotgun SIX12 SD… For a roamer, it’s better to take the T-5. Having weighed it with a straight handle and a sight, you can do a lot of damage in short bursts, trying to hit the head. For a deep defense, it’s better to take a shotgun.
  2. Additional weapon. Only one pistol model – Q-929. With a muzzle brake, the recoil becomes less, and then this “handgun” is a little easier to control.
  3. Device. You have to choose between a shock grenade and a bulletproof camera as an additional means of observation.

The connection with Lesion, where he will feel great, is as follows:

  1. Kapkan + Ela / Gridlock + Frost + Jager… The first has traps for windows and doors, Ela has a blinding mine, Gridlock has honeycomb-shaped spikes, Frost has a trap with a camp, and Jager will not let enemy grenades reach the allied positions due to his SOG.

Video: Lesion Tips

Each of these operatives is the best at something. None of them are capable of living independently – they need a team they can count on.

In a squad with other operatives, they can complement them, forming rather dangerous ligamentsthat can lead the whole team to victory. We hope you can appreciate each of our proposed operatives.

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