• May 26, 2022

Top 5 premium tanks for bonds. What’s hot in 2021?

Most efficient for farming while guaranteeing a comfortable game. Review of performance characteristics and gameplay.

screensaver top for bonds

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will consider the best premium tanks for bonds in World of Tanks 2021.

5th place

Let’s start with something small and accessible to almost any player – the French Tier 5 M10 RBFM tank destroyer for 1500 bonds.M10 RBFM

It could only be obtained once in a special event. Day “D” dedicated to the landing of allied forces in Normandy. After that, she never went on sale for real money or gold.

The car is in many ways similar to the sandy imba T67, with the only difference that it has a premium status.

In terms of performance characteristics, it has fast mixing and good accuracy for its level. The one-time damage is small, but due to the rate of fire, high DPM. The main advantage is the presence of a tower of full rotation, which allows you to keep the enemy in sights and not lose the effects from the mask net and stereo tube. Good dynamics allows you to take advantageous positions at the beginning of the battle, and high stealth will allow you to remain invisible to the enemy for longer.M10 RBFM

M10 RBFM can be taken for booms purely for fun in the sandbox, and bend in a relaxed way.

4th place

He was once the favorite of many players, and bloggers promoted him as best they could. Now his best days are behind him, but he can still have his say in a random game – Panzer 58 Mutz. He does not differ in armor and does not forgive mistakes, therefore, in part, he can be called skill-dependent, since he requires a thoughtful game.Panzer 58 Mutz

A comfortable weapon with good armor penetration, but mediocre accuracy can be realized due to comfortable UVN. His DPM is mediocre, since the alpha is slightly higher than the minimum for ST of level 8, but the reload time is long. Good dynamics and fast acceleration contribute to the operational occupation of the main positions, and the high viewing range will allow you to detect the enemy earlier.Panzer 58 Mutz

3rd place

Soviet heavy tank IS-5 or Object 730. A good choice for fans of the USSR heavy tanks who cannot afford the Defender. I must say right away that it is inferior in efficiency to Object 252U, but, as they say, pike for fishlessness and cancer. The IS-5 also has its advantages.is-5

A basic sub-caliber projectile with a high flight speed – there are more chances to hit a moving target, but armor penetration decreases noticeably with distance, and its accuracy is weak. A good one-time damage justifies the use of gold cumulative, if the need arises. The IS-5 has good mobility, while it has ricochet hull armor protected by screens and a sturdy turret.IS-5

Among the Soviet TTs of level 8, the largest overview.

2nd place

The French heavy tank AMX M4 Mle.49 Liberte received the nickname “cock tank” for its unique style dedicated to Bastille Day. Possesses solid frontal armor of the hull and turret, in front of which many single-tier tanks save. In this case, the angles of vertical guidance allow you to play from the relief.AMX M4 49 Liberté for Bastille Day

Considering that from the sides it is absolutely not burdened with armor, so its dynamics are good, which is for a heavy one. The cannon will delight you with excellent armor penetration, in most cases you can do without gold shells. So he can farm well.AMX M4 49 Liberté

1st place

American heavy tank T26E5 Patriot, but which is more a hybrid of TT and ST. This directly affected his performance characteristics and gameplay. The one-time damage is small, but due to the high rate of fire it gives out good DPM. True, this option is not suitable for everyone, for many it is easier to “play from alpha”. The gun has good penetration, and the projectiles have a low cost, so in even hands he farm very well. Converged quickly enough, but the accuracy is mediocre.T26E5 Patriot

The hull armor is frankly weak, so the best option is to play at medium range or close as a support tank. The tower is protected a little better in frontal projection, so you can play against good UVV. The dynamics are good, but the maneuverability is poor.T26E5 Patriot

Life hack, how to get 2 tanks for free

The main nuance is the last two tanks in the rating can be picked up for free (but no style) and still get 3000 bonds. This method has already been tested by many players – a referral program.Tanks for referral

For its passage they give a choice of a tier 8 prem tank, style, camouflage and 1500 bonds… You can invite two recruits per season. Quite calmly, even solo for a week of playing in the evenings. So if you want to get a level 8 premium tank for free, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the recommended materials with guides below (useful tricks, tips, invites for a quick referral).

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