• September 30, 2023

Top 5 premium tanks for trade-in exchange in January 2021 in World of Tanks

The best technique for farming silver, which can be purchased with a 50% -90% discount.

Top 5 premium tanks for trade-in exchange in January 2021 in World of Tanks

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and the rating of the best tanks to exchange for Trade-in in WoT at the beginning of 2021. The promotion will start on January 18 and will last until February 1. This time, only 5 new tanks were added again for surrender:

And not a single one to exchange, so we will choose from what we have. We have prepared a brief overview of each car, why exactly it deserves attention.

WZ-120-1G FT

The Chinese tank destroyer WZ-120-1G FT is an excellent option for farming and comfortable play due to its versatility. She has good mobility, which is very important in the era of turbo drains, so she will always have time to overtake or leave the lost flank in time. At the same time, it has excellent stealth and ricochet frontal armor, which is a significant plus for survivability in battle.WZ-120-1G FT

The gun has enough armor penetration for farming and high damage per minute. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that the accuracy and aiming time are mediocre, so the optimal combat distance is average.

By the way, a bonus to farming is the ability to inflict damage on its own light, which is not possible with bush tank destroyers.


German heavy tank Löwe is a timeless classic, one of the main old-timers in the game. If the American T34 is completely outdated, that it was even taken out of sale, then Leva is still quite suitable for farming, although there is a lack of mobility.

It can tank at the top of the list, and its excellent visibility will allow you to supplement farming by transferring intelligence and inflicting damage on its own, this is one of the main advantages. There are no complaints about the gun at all, it is excellent: excellent accuracy, good armor penetration, and the shells have a high flight speed. At the same time, he has comfortable UVN, which sometimes allows you to play from the relief.

But it also has pronounced drawbacks: weak dynamics and large dimensions, which makes it an attractive target for ACS.



The most imposing LT for passive reconnaissance is the French ELC EVEN 90. An excellent stealth ratio combined with a low silhouette makes him a dangerous enemy on any open map. It can use any bush to increase camouflage, so sometimes you have to approach the radar distance (50 meters) to detect the “Christmas tree”, but if the allies are covering, then this is very problematic.

But the technique is more for skill players, because the weapon is weak, the dynamics does not cause delight, while there is absolutely no armor and a high criticality of modules.

Take this car first for performing LBZ, with this she copes “with a bang.” Farms well due to the transfer of intelligence. Moreover, it can be obtained for symbolic 550 gold, if you take the AMX M4 mle. 49 received for referral.


The IS-6 Soviet heavy tank with a preferential level of combat is not suitable for everyone, as it requires the ability to play with basic shells with low armor penetration, or you will have to charge gold. It has a good alpha, which, when reloaded quickly, guarantees solid damage per minute.IS-6

It has good mobility and excellent circular armor with screens along the side, so it can be suitable for performing LBZ, if you’re lucky with the level in battle. He is also an excellent trainer for TT USSR.

Alternatively, you can consider Chinese premium heavy 112, which is even slightly better, especially since you can get it completely free of charge for completing the referral program.



Soviet Tier 6 Medium Tank T-34-85M, which is an improved version of the pumped T-34-85. Among classmates, it stands out for its reliable frontal booking, in the top of the list it often catches ricochets if you turn the body on. However, he has a good disguise. The gun is comfortable in terms of armor penetration and accuracy, has a high DPM.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the mediocre dynamics and stabilization of the gun.

This tank can be tested for free before buying on any new account, it is given for completing the training for rent for 10 days. In parallel, you can go through the referral program to get a level 8 premium tank, which can be drained by exchange.

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