• May 29, 2022

Top 5 Sites for Online Font Recognition

Searching for information, processing and reading text are common tasks for most Internet users. On some of the pictures or portals, you may notice an interesting font that you really like. How to identify it, what if it still comes in handy? To understand what font we have in front of us, it is not necessary to look for specialized programs and install them on a computer. We can use special sites that will do everything for us.

Web portals for font recognition

Unfortunately, most of the web resources for defining fonts do not support the Russian-language interface and you will have to put up with this. There are still some representatives, but their number is too small.

How font identification works:

  • Text. It offers to describe the font, and the service will give the most suitable options for it.
  • Auto. The font from the picture is recognized.


Web portal Myfonts.com interesting not only for its high recognition speed and a huge font base, but also for its functionality. In addition, it has a live forum to help identify virtually unknown text styles. However, to accurately determine the font, you need to adhere to a number of basic recommendations:

  • the text should be placed horizontally;
  • the picture should contain no more than 50 letters (not superimposed on each other and at a height of 100 pixels;
  • the maximum image size is 400,000 pixels.

The recognizer is located here… Click on the “Browse” button, specify the path to the picture and click “Continue”. Below are hints as to whether the frame is correctly aligned. We start scanning and wait for the result. A slightly more convenient way is to drag the picture to the workspace, it will be automatically uploaded to the server. Now the site works only with the two most popular formats: jpg, png.


In terms of functional features, the site differs little from competitors, but it copes with its main task perfectly.

What should be done:

  1. We open website
  2. Click on the “Upload the image” option to upload a picture from your computer or select “image URL” and specify a link to the image.
  3. Using the frame, indicate the scan area and click on the “Matcherate it” button.

Identifont.com – text scanner

Website Identifont.com allows you to determine the appropriate font using text polling tactics. The reader answers basic questions, describing the style in this way and gets an answer. The problem is that English is used for searching, which is not always convenient.

What information you need to provide:

  • type of characters (appearance);
  • name (name);
  • similar features with other fonts (similarity);
  • search by picture or some symbols (picture);
  • specify the name of the designer (designer / publisher).


This service has gained notoriety for its advanced script detection engine and live forum. If the built-in algorithm cannot figure out the name of the font, other forum members can help. The process of recognition itself practically does not differ from analogs.


  1. Go to the site com
  2. Click on the “Browse” button.
  3. Select the picture and click “Download”.
  4. If the words are written on a dark background, activate the “Background color is darker” option.
  5. Click on “Continue” and set the frame.
  6. Click on “Use image” and complete the preliminary setup.
  7. We enjoy the result.


Portal rentafont.com slightly different from competitors, moreover, in a positive way. The thing is that in the search we can choose a lot of additional criteria. Including types of faces by category, shape, design, etc. Already, the site base includes over 2.5 thousand fonts, including Cyrillic, so the selection works almost always. One of the best solutions for Photoshop.

Hopefully, a review of the best online font detection services helped you find your favorite. In 90% of cases, the result meets the expectation. If this is not the case, we recommend contacting the forums, they will almost certainly help.

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