• December 1, 2023

Top 5 tanks for ranked battles in WoT

A certain technique has a great chance of getting to the top by experience. Here are a few cars that do it more often this season.

top 5 for ranked battles

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and the rating of the best tanks for ranked battles 2020-2021 in World of Tanks.

5th place

60TP Lewandowskiego

It has good frontal armor capable of effectively repelling sub-caliber shells, but which suffers from cumulative charges. The vehicle has a good weapon that pierces on gold and is often used by players as a land mine. The tank also has damage per minute, and there are corners. The dynamics are mediocre – this is perhaps its only drawback.60TP Lewandowskiego

Why 60TP Levandovskiego? This tank belongs to the category “Defender”, which means that on it role-playing experience relatively easyby simply beating off a lot of enemy shells.

The minimum knowledge of tanking will be enough to complete the daily quest for 150 role-playing experience for this category and get a bonus battle.

The pole is suitable for a not too experienced player, on it you can just play full BK land mines and not be left without damage. It also has a positive effect on his economy – going to -200k in silver after a battle in this mode is a common thing due to the use of gold. If you have some knowledge in the field of penetration, then you can shoot it quite well.

4th place

Progetto 65

The use of Proga this season is due to the mechanics of gaining experience per battle. As known, For a frag, experience is given only if at least two shots were fired at the enemy. Otherwise, experience will be given as for damage, which may be small against a shot tank. The prog can roll out and pick up a shot enemy with two or three shots.Progetto 65

At the same time, it has the advantage over its closest competitor, TVP T 50/51, that these two projectiles will roll back quickly enough, and there is no need to look for targets for other projectiles in the drum or to drop the entire drum, which will not reload so soon.

Similar tactics are often used on LT, AMX 13 105, it has three shells and a fast enough cooldown, but in all respects Proga is superior to it.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth pointing out that this is a tank without armor and is forced to spend time at the beginning of the battle, when all opponents are full, shooting damage at someone else’s light. It is rarely possible to use aggressive tactics on it, the tank has little armor. Wherein role experience he is credited not for frags, but sand the primary exposure and damage according to our own intelligence, is it worth talking about the fact that Progetto is not the best tank for the initial spotting, and he does not always succeed in damaging according to his own intelligence.

3rd place

Object 277

Belongs to the category “Breakthrough tank”, and copes with this task quite well. The tank has an excellent weapon, armor that repels sub-caliber gold, a kind of screens along the sides and normal dynamics, allowing you to take key positions.Object 277

Breakthrough tank gains additional experience for blocking damage and exchanging hit pointsas well as for applying damage from a distance of less than 300 meters, we must try to act in battle in this way.

The vehicle affects the victory quite strongly, as it can act together with medium tanks, occupying space on the map and depriving the enemy’s mobile vehicles of freedom of action.

However, About. 277 the tank is not for the average player. His armor is not ultimate, poor depression angles, and to play well on it, you need to have experience playing on it. The tank is quite versatile, but it can be worse than the opponent in certain conditions – for example, if there is an IS-7 or a Superhorse against it, playing from the tower, it will clearly lose this confrontation.

It is worth carrying a few land mines in the BC, this will help knock out strong strong tanks from position.

2nd place

Super conqueror

Belongs to the same category as the previous tank and gains experience for the same. He can repulse a lot of shells if he gets up from the tower, and his hull’s forehead is tanking something. Its weapon is capable of inflicting damage at both close and long range, however he will receive role-playing experience only when he inflicts damage from a distance of 300 meters or less… The dynamics of the tank is not too ultimatum, but it will allow it to occupy key points.Super conqueror

This tank is rather suitable for punching the direction out of a position, or even for holding a positionwhen the enemy does not go into melee. In the performance of the role, the accuracy of the weapon is not used, which is also suitable for shooting at distance. The car is very good, it can tank, perhaps, better than 60TP, but it will greatly depend on the map, the Pole is tanking everywhere.

It must be remembered that the vehicle is not very strong in close combat, although it can tank with sides.

Unfortunately, not many players have it in the hangar. Therefore, the Super horse can be found less often, especially at low ranks.

1st place

Object 430U

The choice of the first place was influenced by the fact that the tank is popular and is in the hangar for most players… This tank is an absolute record holder in popularity, a battle where there is no Ushka practically does not occur, and usually there are 2-3 of them on both sides.Object 430U

It has armor, especially in the turret, strong hatches, good alpha and damage per minute, penetration on gold and armor-piercing. If necessary, it can be used to break through the direction, but its role is universal attack aircraft

Experience is not given to him for exchanging HP points, unlike a breakthrough tank and a light attack aircraft, but goes only for blocking damage and damage by its own light.

Unfortunately, Ushka is also not an ultimate tank, like everything in this game. An experienced player will not shoot the tower during a duel. The same dull K-91 can stupidly shoot her even in the clinch – for this you need to shoot at the VLD, he makes his way on the same K-91 stably, and tanks and ammo on the right side of the hull make it difficult to play without a fire extinguisher… You should exchange only with an inexperienced opponent, and also if the game is played from the tower. In this case, the role-playing experience for the battle will be maximum, he will block a lot, the main thing is to try not to receive damage, and this will not be so easy to do.

Also, you should try to play on it from the alpha, leaving for reloading for cover, and not from the DPM. Most players can do this, so the tank can be recommended to the masses as a top-1.


You shouldn’t take this top 5 as an absolute truth that everyone should take these tanks and play on them. The tank will not play for the player, so you should always try to use those vehicles on which the tanker will have the maximum game experience and maximum efficiency

On the same Sheridan or Leopard, even on E100, it is better to win back if the player is special than on imbovy top tanks, if they are just deflated and unfamiliar. In addition, victory in a battle often depends on the lightning, and the duration of the stun, and the ability to shoot at someone else’s light, so all tanks are important, all tanks are needed.

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