• July 1, 2022

TOP 5 TV shows for STALKER fans

Certainly a series of games STALKER is still a favorite virtual entertainment for many of us. The unique atmosphere of the world makes the gamer spend long hours in front of his PC monitor. Today we will talk about 5 best TV shows that fans of the STALKER franchise should love

TOP 5 TV shows for STALKER fans

Of course, there can be no question of complete similarity, because in modern cinema the topic of the exclusion zone is not widely covered. However, we have selected the pictures that best match the game in terms of atmosphere and internal tension

The last ship

The last ship

Genre fiction

Creator: Steve Kane, Hank Steinberg

Year of issue: 2014

In the series “The last ship” the exclusion zone has become our entire planet, affected by the red flu virus. The main chance of humanity is a group of bright minds who are drifting in the ocean on an isolated destroyer. They will not only have to find a cure for the raging disease, but also face external enemies.

The multi-part film began as original show, but gradually began to slide towards the banal American soap opera. The destroyer crew will fight not only the pandemic, but also mad scientists, authoritarian leaders, sectarians and revolutionaries. It is no secret that these topics are always on the agenda in the Western world.


Jericho serial

Genre fiction

Creator: John Terteltaub

Year of issue: 2006

What links the franchise STALKER and the series “Jericho”? Perhaps humanity, because it shines through in every frame of the picture. There are no large-scale political games and expensive special effects – just a town whose population is just trying to survive a nuclear explosion

Of course, a similar format for the series was chosen, since the small budget prevented the creators from making a more complex tape. but “Jericho” has a special charm, its own atmosphere and attracts with the relative realism of what is happening.

Fallout – Nuclear smoke break

Fallout - Nuclear smoke break

Genre fiction

Director: Vincent Talenti

Year of issue: 2011

As you might have guessed, we have before us a film created in the universe of a completely different game – Fallout… but STALKER slightly overlaps with its post-apocalyptic counterpart, so the picture should go to fans of both masterpieces. Surprisingly, the series started fan short, which blew up the community and made filmmakers start releasing new episodes.

The picture perfectly recreates the world after a nuclear disaster – the tape tries to comply with all the canons of the universe Fallout and does a great job with it. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the exclusion zone, “Fallout – Nuclear smoke break” – great choice.

the walking Dead

The walking dead tv series

Genre: horror

Creator: Frank Darabont

Year of issue: 2010

Before us is an extremely successful project that has become an absolute classic for fans of TV series. Picture “The walking Dead” was created by a true master of the genre Frank Darabont, who took part in the filming of the first 2 seasons. And although the series tells us about the zombie invasion, fans of the game STALKER it can also appeal to its gloomy atmosphere and widespread desolation.

In the story, sheriff, Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors who are trying to ensure a peaceful existence. However, it soon becomes clear that the external threat from the zombies is not as dangerous as their own comrades, driven to despair.


Chernobyl.  HBO series

Genre: Drama

Director: Johan Renck

Year of issue: 2019

Chernobyl – always fertile ground for fans STALKER However, this time the Americans took on the task of re-creating the sad events at the nuclear power plant. Of course, as part of the ideological struggle, they poured mud on the Soviet state system, which was not liked by every domestic audience. Series “Chernobyl” has just a crazy rating with a huge number of negative reviews, which also leads to some thoughts.

However, if you like the game STALKER get acquainted with the brainchild HBO still recommended. The series is filmed in a Western manner and it can be very difficult to believe that it is based on real events. Filmmakers have studied history well, but have not gone anywhere from the Cold War patterns.

If you are not a fan of TV series, then we advise you to watch the TOP-10 films for STALKER fans – the most atmospheric and exciting ones. We also recommend taking a look at our TOP-10 actors who were paid pennies for roles in cult films to learn more about the inner workings of cult films.

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