• October 1, 2022

Top 5 Worst Don’t Starve Together Characters (Left Hungry Forever)

This popular indie project is loved in many ways because of developed world and different unique charactersthat you can choose to pass. However, not every protagonist is equally good at dealing with the horrors of Permanence.

Top 5 Worst Heroes in Don't Starve Together

Every player in Don’t Starve Together has a few of their favorite characters, but personal sympathy is quite subjective. But the strength of the heroes can be assessed from the objective side, because in the game there are both very powerful, and frankly weak faces

The developers of Klei Entertainment deliberately added not only balanced characters with strengths and weaknesses, but also really weak heroes. This was made for experienced players looking to challenge themselves and plunge into real hardcore.

It is such weak characters considered the worst by most Don’t Starve Together fans. We have collected them in one top so that you can avoid these heroes when generating new worlds.

5th place: Varley


A culinary master driven by the search for new exotic ingredients for his dishes. Varley is a true chef and gourmet, so does not like to eat the same, and also with disgust perceives raw and cooked food on fire. So, in order to receive full-fledged bonuses to satiety, sanity and health, it is necessary to cook in a cauldron and eat a varied diet.

That is why the character is complex and causes a lot of difficulties, especially for beginners. Varley’s capricious nature is also expressed in his appetite, which cannot be satisfied completely

The walkthrough is a little easier thanks to the portable cauldron, chef’s bag and several ingredientsthat the hero will spawn with. But soon the groceries run out and you have to satisfy Varley’s needs while traveling.

4th place: Wolfgang


The second unlockable character in Don’t Starve Together. This is a difficult hero because of one feature – he highly dependent on satiety

If Wolfgang is full, he becomes larger and stronger, causing significant damage to enemies. But if a strong man is hungry, then he turns into a small and extremely weak man, for which a collision with a far from powerful enemy can end in disaster.

Another disadvantage of Wolfgang is that he mortally afraid of monsters and the dark, losing much more sanity points compared to other characters. As a result, it turns out that you need not only to make sure that the strong man is well-fed, but also to avoid darkness and monsters.

3rd place: Wormwood


A unique character, just a cute plant that has acquired a mind. Wormwood became animate and alive because of the green stonewho came from the moon. Now he is destined to travel in Persistence and survive in this cruel world.

To Wormwood all plant creatures are friendly… He can also plant seeds without using beds and restore health with fertilizers. Immune to allergies during the flowering season.

Two main and very significant shortcomings of the character originate precisely from his plant nature. Wormwood loses a large number of Sanity Points due to cutting and burning treesand also because of picking flowers and plants… In addition, he catches fire, and therefore receives not only fire damage, but also loses health from burning. It may just start to smolder in the summer due to exposure to sunlight, and will definitely light up after a lightning strike or when you touch a fire.

2nd place: Wigfried


An actress who too much got used to the role of the red-haired Valkyrie. Wigfried is a strong character, for which many hostile mobs and nightmares (the first few) are not dangerous. Moreover, every time someone dies nearby (and it doesn’t matter whether an ally or an enemy), a fake warrior restores sanity and health

Compared to other heroes, Wigfried takes 25% less damage, but deals 25% more… Spawns with a helmet, a spear and four pieces of meat that can feed her for the first time.

It would seem that everything is great, but then what is she doing in this top? The point is that Wigfried can only eat meat and meat dishes… Everything else she simply does not digest, which is why she quickly loses her satiety, becoming weak and slow.

In Game problematic to find meat, especially in the beginning and inexperienced players. Therefore, Wigfried is recommended only for seasoned gamers in Don’t Starve Together.

1st place: Wes


The most fragile and weak character in the game… Wes is a silent mime that expresses all his feelings and thoughts through gestures.

His backstory is touching: Wes was haunted all his life by failures that taught the future mime that there is too much bad in the world. This is what prompted him to give smiles to everyone around him no matter what.

Everything Wes’s characteristics are lessthan other characters. He dies easily even in a simple battle, and all he can do is Balloons… Such an exploded ball does very little damage, but distracts nearby opponents. The number of balls is not limited, but each one consumes 5 sanity points.

As you can see, Wes is absolutely not adapted to survival. He’s artistic and handsome, but has no useful skills and abilities. Even the developers recommend choosing a mime only for experienced players who want to complicate the gameplay and are well familiar with the Don’t Starve Together universe.

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