• February 22, 2024

Top 5 worst guns in Rainbow: Six Siege

The choice of weapons is the key to victory. If you make a mistake at the start of the round, there is a great chance of defeat. Despite the fact that Rainbow: Six Siege features a lot of good examples of modern weapons, not all guns are equally balanced.

Top 5 worst guns in Rainbow: Six Siege

Among the huge arsenal, you can find 5 types of weapons that have the worst characteristics, as a result of which their popularity among gamers is very small.

5 – SMG-12

SMG-12 in Rainbow: Six Siege

We all love mini SMGs for their high rate of fire, large magazine capacity, and good accuracy at medium to close range. However, the main criterion for choosing PP was and remains recoil… The SMG-12 is so high that you will hardly be able to kill a moving enemy, even if he is at a distance of 3 meters. Shooting in burst is also not an option, because there will not be enough destructive power for the enemy to run out of HP in time. However, experienced players Rainbow: Six Siege notes that weapon mechanics just take some getting used to.

Gamers continue to ignore the SMG-12 in favor of the more popular examples of submachine guns.

4 – SuperNova

SuperNova in Rainbow: Six Siege

Supernova has one major drawback when it comes to destroying enemies at close range – lack of power… It seems that you have to shoot not from a shotgun, but from an air toy. In addition, SuperNova has one of the most slow reloads in Game. However, unlike the SMG-12, this shotgun does not require any special skill in handling weapons from its owner. You can also try to make it useful with the help of various modifications and improvements. However, it is unlikely that even with the top-end body kit “Supernova” will cease to be considered worst shotgun in this project.

3 – Bearing-9

Bearing-9 in Rainbow: Six Siege

Another submachine gun, scaring off its potential owners with great returns. However, in front of the two previous guns, the “Bearing” has one serious advantage – good damage. So if the gamer adapts to the wayward behavior of the PP, then the weapon can even be very useful. As alternatives you can switch it to single fire mode and use it like a regular pistol. True, this does not make much sense, since more convenient weapons can be found for shooting on the head. Although the taste and color, as they say …

2 – W 5.7

W 5.7 in Rainbow: Six Siege

Although the W 5.7 pistol has the most roomy store in the game, this weapon can be safely called one of the worst, because other attributes fail it:

  • low power;
  • poor rate of fire;
  • very high return.

Because of these nuances, the shooter armed with this gun will be forced to keep on average or distant distance from the enemy. But what is the point of using a pistol to attack from afar, if you can take a more powerful and accurate weapon, for example, an automatic rifle? Even when firing from the hip, the 5.7 is much inferior to submachine guns.

Its only advantage is its large ammunition capacity. Although the use of cartridges that almost do not cause damage is highly questionable.

1 – BT AR33

BT AR33 in Rainbow: Six Siege

“Dead” weapon in all respects. And it was this automatic rifle that was used in one of the Rainbow: Six Siege trailers. And first of all, the weapon stands out for its terrible an indicator of accuracy. Seriously, it seems that the game developers, in addition to the main recoil of the machine, added another one on top of it. This will become especially noticeable when shooting. at long distances… And although the BT AR33 positions itself as a versatile weapon, it will be very difficult to find a worthy use for it in the game.

Even a gamer with a lot of experience in playing shooters is unlikely to want to suffer running around with this automatic rifle.

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