• December 5, 2023

TOP 6 best screen protectors for OnePlus 7

The OnePlus 7 is a worthy follow-up to the OnePlus 6T. It has the same body and size, but there are some technical innovations. Of course, the owner of such a device is unlikely to want the display to be scratched or cracked. Screen protectors will help prevent this kind of trouble, the best of which are discussed below.

Oneplus 7

Lifetime Protection: Supershieldz Tempered Glass

Supershieldz has been on the market for a long time and offers the best screen protection options according to users. In the line of models, there is a special kit that includes two screen protectors. But users are amazed by the lifetime replacement warranty. Accordingly, the OnePlus 7, by choosing the Supershieldz, will receive decent protection for the entire duration of use.

The cost of the kit on Amazon: 700 rubles.

Most Trusted Brand: Prism by Dbrand

Prism by Dbrand

Dbrand now offers more than just phone cases. The breakthrough came with the release of the Grip case, and now the list of new products has been supplemented by the Prism screen protector. The kit includes a special installation kit to facilitate the application process. The protection is a “glass hybrid” with increased resistance to mechanical damage. It feels like the screen is protected by real glass.

Cost: about 2 thousand rubles on the official website of Dbrand.

HD Film: Cubevit Case Friendly Film

Cubevit Case Friendly Film

Some users don’t like the visual experience of the screen protector. A good alternative is Cubevit Case Friendly Film. This screen protector is 99.9% transparent. In addition, it has hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that reliably protect the screen from stains, dirt and scratches.

Amazon price: 500 rubles.

Full protection: toughened Olixar glass

Olixar glass

Olixar manufactures a huge selection of accessories for various devices. Among them there is a protective film for the OnePlus 7 screen. It is made of tempered glass, the thickness of which is only 0.26 mm. Thanks to this, touch sensitivity is preserved, and the owner can use the fingerprint scanning function.

Suitable for any model: QITAYO PET Film Protector

QITAYO PET Film Protector

There are some films that perfectly protect the entire screen, but are not suitable for a particular phone model. QITAYO helps to solve this annoying problem with the help of the universal PET protective film. The kit contains everything you need to properly install the protective film.

Amazon price: 650 rubles.

Bubble free: TAURI Anti-Bubble HD Flexible Protector

TAURI Anti-Bubble HD Flexible Protector

The main problem with all screen protectors is that they are sensitive to dust. If even the smallest particle gets on the screen during installation, bubbles will appear. The TAURI screen protector has dealt with this problem with a wet install. A special spray keeps the screen clean, and the remaining bubbles will disappear on their own within 12 hours.

Cost on Amazon: 500 rubles.

Which model is better?

When it comes to screen protector OnePlus 7, the easiest choice is tempered glass film Supershieldz… The company provides a lifetime warranty, and the buyer receives two sets at once. If, for some reason, the first film fails, then it can be immediately replaced with a new one.

Dbrand – a well-known and beloved company by many users. It originally made phone cases, but recently launched screen protectors as well. Grip and Prism… The latest model is resistant to mechanical damage, but it feels like real glass. In the video announcement, it is shown that the screen of the phone with the film installed was hit with a hammer, and it did not receive any damage.

For those users who do not want to deal with tempered glass and prefer more traditional options for protective films, experts advise to pay attention to Cubevit Film Screen Protector… The company provides a warranty, and the film itself does not absorb moisture and grease, therefore it effectively protects the screen from dust, smudges or fingerprints.

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