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TOP 6 releases in May, which cannot be missed

It is impossible to overestimate how much the industry lost in 2020. But now 2021 pleases all gamers with a lot of cool new products. Six iconic projects will appear on PC and consoles in May. They have different genres, publishers and backstories, but they all definitely deserve public attention.

TOP 6 releases in May, which cannot be missed

May is rich in fresh releases, among which each player will find a project to his liking. Each of these games has something of their own, unique: plot, graphics, gameplay features or incredible atmosphere. This collection was created for those who want to play a really good project, in order to remember for a long time its unique characters and a well-developed world and do not regret the money spent.

Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil: Village

Developer: CAPCOM

Genre: survival horror

Release date: May 7

Russian localization: full

The new part of the cult series of horror games Resident Evil will appear on the screens of PC and consoles in early May. In fact, the game is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, although the story will continue several years after the end of the plot of the seven, so true fans will definitely not be able to pass by.

Judging by the open demo, the project has not changed: it is still the same fascinating action game with not too difficult riddles, simple traps and a fascinating narration. This Resident frightens the atmosphere, keeps you on your toes and shocks not creepy monsters, but charming women. In addition, the game is replete with atmospheric locations, references to past parts and incredibly detailed monsters that will haunt Ethan throughout history.

Why can’t you miss it? For those who want to know how the story ended Ethan Winters, you cannot refuse to pass. In addition, the old hero of the franchise will appear in the plot – Chris Redfield, and the fans were hinted that he could become a protagonist. Those who have not followed the plot of the series will be able to enjoy wonderful bosses with their incredible design and high level of elaboration. The whole world has already appreciated the concept of Lady Dimitrescu.

You can purchase the game using this link.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends


Developer: Sumo Digital

Genre: action

Release date: May 10

Russian localization: everything except voice acting

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a project that combines the cruelty of the Middle Ages, the drive of the life of robbers and loved by many the legend of the just banditthat takes from the poor and gives to the rich. The project is large-scale and long-term, so it’s definitely worth paying attention to.

The game is tailored for multiplayer, but you can also run in PVE mode. Robig Hood’s gameplay will be painfully familiar anyone who likes to spend an evening in some battle royale or take part in a team-on-team battle. At the start, the project offers 4 classes and a large easy one for customizing your hero. Also, the developers paid more attention to the realism of battles, physics of the surrounding world and sounds.

Why can’t you miss it? At first glance, Hood: Outlaws & Legends may seem like another MMO for killing time, but in reality it is not. The developers have tried to bring a certain share to the concept of “run-kill-rob” role-playingby expressing this through classes and customizations. Because of this, the game looks fresh even now. In addition, the developers promised long-term free support for the project with new maps, classes, events and more.

You can purchase the game using this link.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition


Developer: BioWare

Genre: action, RPG

Release date: May 15

Russian localization: everything except voice acting

The Mass Effect series needs no introduction – this franchise has raised an entire generation of gamers who dream of conquering outer space. So that even now it does not lose its relevance, EA decided to reissue the first, second and third parts in one package, while raising the resolution to 4K Ultra HD. The legendary will also include all the items from the promotional offers and about 40 downloadable materials.

Trying on the role of the great Captain Shepard, you will receive elaborate character with fully customizable appearance, the history of which the player writes himself. With whom to love, what choices to make and on which side to end up – the gamer holds in his hands the fate of the protagonist completely, and this attracts fans of role-playing.

Why can’t you miss it? Mass Effect is an RPG classic, a franchise that at one time founded the very direction of action RPGs, so those who have never played it just need to appreciate the legendary reissue. Seasoned fans of the series will appreciate gameplay rebalance and will be able to feel nostalgic, looking at their favorite characters in a new quality.

You can purchase the game using this link.

Days gone


Developer: Bend Studio

Genre: Action, Adventure

Release date: May 18

Russian localization: full

Days Gone is an ambiguous project. For many players who have only gotten to know it superficially, it will be another good zombie game, but no more. In fact the game has its own competitive advantages, and primarily they are in the gameplay. The storyline of the project is rather weak, but the developers were able to show the story of the “little man”, albeit without going into details and without bombarding the world with secrets, Easter eggs and notes.

Players will find a large, but not overloaded seamless world with a high degree of realism. Transport breaks down here and needs refueling, medicines need to be constantly replenished, and weapons are only the most accessible and understandable to most gamers. ZThe ombies in Days Gone are a real threat. Here, the main character will not be able to destroy hordes of opponents on his own: you will have to be cunning and get out.

Why can’t you miss it? Days Gone may seem like a mediocre game to those who enter open worlds for story or action scenes. However, this project is unique for this, because it gives gamers access to a huge post-apocalyptic sandboxwhere they can do whatever they want. You can play both the good guy and the bad guy, constantly worrying about resources and tomorrow. The special charm of the game lies in this atmosphere.

You can purchase the game using this link.



Developer: Experiment 101

Genre: action, RPG

Release date: May 25

Russian localization: full

Biomutant tells players a post-apocalyptic story in which gamers will try on the role of a biological mutant. Its structure is unstable. therefore he has to change not only intellectually, but also physicallyadapting to the world around you. And there is something to adapt to: the developers promise to present a huge seamless world in which there are mixed forests, and desert and even polar cold.

The hero is fully customizable, ranging from coat color to complexion. Its appearance can be changed during the game for points, as well as with the help of implants. The hero has an indicator of karma, which affects how others will perceive him. What is this game about? About survival in a cruel world after a disaster, about friendship, about courage and, of course, about self-development.

Why can’t you miss it? Biomutant looks like an old, well-designed Fallout with modern AAA graphics and a level of customization of a Sims 4-style life simulator. you can be a villain or a hero on your ownwhile looking at the world from the point of view of a strange weirdo, and not an ideal protagonist. And there are enough small chips in the game, for example, a player can clear locations while sitting in a huge mech or unite all tribes and settlements into a huge empire.

You can purchase the game using this link.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground


Developer: Gasket Games

Genre: strategy

Release date: May 27

Russian localization: everything except voice acting

The huge world of Warhammer is gathering fans again, but this time in its fantasy segment. Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground offers the player choose your faction, hero-leader and go to war… This battle will very quickly become personal for the gamer if he is dedicated to the history of the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and understands what he is fighting for.

Players can fight on the side of the demons of Nurgle, the Night Dwellers (messengers of death) or the warriors of Sigmar, who defend their lands. Each faction has its own, unique campaign, so the game can be replayed several times, observing the development of the story from a new angle. The gamer will be opposed not only by factions, but also by the surrounding world. Even the terrain can become an insurmountable obstacle, and this will have to be taken into account.

Why can’t you miss it? Gamers usually associate strategies with something leisurely, sometimes even boring. In the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground, things are different. it dynamic, driving game with spectacular battle scenes and large-scale collisions. The project was simply created for those who want to control entire armies, but at the same time not lose the speed of battles and the beauty of the picture.

You can purchase the game using this link.

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