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Top best battle royale games like PUBG for Android [2021]

Here in this article, we will provide you with the best war games like PUBG and they can be proven as an alternative to Players Unknown battleground. Here you will find the best PUBG alternative games for Android, iOS and PC.

Well, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds needs no introduction, also known as PUBG. He broke all the records in the history of the game. It set a benchmark. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds started to gain popularity since the first quarter of 2017, and it has been downloaded over $ 100 million from the Google Play Store alone. After the huge success of PUBG, games like PUBG have overwhelmed Android and iOS smart phones and it looks like in 2019 the Battle Royale class will keep on trend. PUBG is the heart of gamers of all ages and is a favorite among game lovers due to its simple functionality and accessibility to all smartphones and tablets.

There are several games available in the same setup as PUBG, the main target of this type of games is to survive to the last among all other players and that last player will be cast as the winner. A lot of people want to try something new and innovative in the types of Battle Royal games. So they find games like PUBG free for Android and iOS. Combat survival games are the newborns of geeks. Here in this article, we will provide you with the best PUBG type games and they can be proven as an alternative to the battleground of unknown players. Here you will find the best PUBG alternative games for Android, iOS and PC.

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Here is the list of games like PUBG for mobile for free, battle royal games that you absolutely must play if you are a fan of battle royal games and PUBG.

Top 5 best games like PUBG for free

# 1: Rule of Survival

PUBG fans will love this game. The rule of survival is full of action and adventure, the PC version is also available and it is very popular among the users. This game is very close to the game like PUBG. Before you start a game, you can customize it yourself to suit your tastes.

In the rule of survival, you will face a maximum of 120 enemies. Before starting the game, it is advisable to go through the tutorial available. This will give you the whole storyline of the match. Players have a choice in this game, as players want to play alone in combat or in pairs or with the team. The sites will be located in Asia, Europe and America.

The game will be played on a large terrain map. The terrain map will be extensive. The player will need a vehicle to reach a different geographic area. It will have a motorbike boat to cross bodies of water and on land or sea. The player can drive a motorbike, truck or car.

This game is available for Android and IOS users.

# 2: Battle Royal Strike Survival

PUBG fans should applaud for this game. Battle Royal strike survival is another game that is on the list of PUBG alternative games. In battle, the royal survival player can form their own party and go to war to defeat their enemies. The player must stay alive against his opponents.

In Survival Battle Royal Strike, the player will be able to grab different types of weapons and adding a rocket launcher is a bit of a hoot for players that the developers keep updating in a given time frame.

When a player right-clicks on the in-game menu, they will visit it to lobby. The player can join the lobby list with empty slots or create their own lobby. When you enter the lobby you will have the choice to join the team, for example red or green. This game is available on Android only.

# 3: Black Survival

Lovers of Battle Royale will definitely love this game. Black Survival is available in just 62MB at the game store. This game takes up the least storage among all games like PUBG.

The real-time survival game is played by 10 players on Desert Island. This game lasts approximately 20 minutes. Desert Island is alienated among 22 different regions including Beach, Forest, Hospitals, and many more. As time passes from the game, the zones begin to constrain each other, tighten up the war zone or the battlefield.

In the game, 35 different characters are present: doctor, cook, hackers, students and many others. The player can choose one of them. Players can use 600 different weapons on the battlefield.

# 4: Free fire

like PUBG
Free Fire Game is the ultimate mobile shooter survival game that can be played with up to 50 players on mobile. It is a fast paced game among the entire Battle Royale game category in a game like PUBG because it is 10 minutes long.

The players have the right to choose the starting point with the landing of a parachute on the island, respecting the objective of the last survival among the 49 players. The player can choose the vehicle to explore the island map. the player can hide in the sewers and can disappear by pruning under the grass. His ultimate goal is to be the last survivor and to be the best among them all.

The player can form the team up to 4 players; he can communicate with the team for victory. The player can ask and motivate the team to be the last survival team among them all.

Free Fire game is easy to use and guarantees smooth graphics for better survival experience. Free Fire can be downloaded on Android as well as on iOS.

# 5: Vast Survival

like PUBG
Vast Survival is the new game with a multiplayer survival game for mobile. Vast Survival is published by HooDoo in the Play Store. Extensive survival can be practiced in an open area of ​​about 100 kilometers. The 100 km opens up a world zone that accumulates beautiful places like a military base, thick forest, mountains and many others.

The vast survival allows a maximum of 26 players to play. The ultimate goal is to survive in the Battle Royale game. The vast survival allows the player to build their own base. On the game, the menu player can find a vacant slot to play. The player can steal from the enemies.

Something interesting about vast survival is that it allows cross-platform play to take on another meaning, if I explain, I can say that an android player can also play the game with the player. iOS. The PC version of Vast Survival is also available. This game keeps updating to fix bugs and other issues. The main strength of this game is its Nextgen AAA 3D ​​graphics. It is fascinating for the players. Hunting animals will be released soon.

Final words:

So if you are tired of playing PUBG and Fortnite and want to try new things from other game developers that might get your adrenaline pumping, you should definitely try these games mentioned above like PUBG for free downloads. . Some of these games are even comparable and better than PUBG and Fortnite but are underrated. You tell us which one made you the best PUBG alternative game in the comment box. If you have any other games that are better substitutes for PUBG, you can let our readers know through the comments section. If you have any other suggestions or comments, you can share them with us.

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