• May 26, 2022

TOP imbe assemblies for ST with new Equipment 2.0

The most interesting options for assemblies with new equipment, which will fundamentally change the balance of power with random, but also add variety.

Greetings, tankers! Today we are finishing our acquaintance with assemblies with new equipment 2.0 in World of Tanks with an overview of medium tanks. At first glance, it was this class that received the least interesting combinations. There is nothing outstanding or imbue, unlike the rest of the classes (at the end of the article, information about AT, TT, LT and ACS will be offered).

Current guide:

As you probably already know each tank from level 8 is given 2 profile slotsIf you install the appropriate module there, then it gets an increase in efficiency… All profile slots have already been identified by the developers under each tank, pushing to play the role inherent in the car.

I examined the Soviet STs in detail in a separate topic, so let’s go over them briefly. The nerf of Object 430U will continue, it has slots for survivability and mobility, so the firepower becomes even lower. In order for it to be somehow competitive in this regard, it requires installation boom (or at least trophy) equipment.

Object 140 and even T-62A became more playable and competitive (there is a slot for increasing firepower). Looks interesting Outdoor furniture-91:

Outdoor furniture-91 not the only one who got a slot under “Exploration” and can install new hardware Quiet exhaust system to constantly increase the invisibility of vehicles in motion and on the spot:

This module will work well on the best sniper among the CTs – Leopard 1, it will help him better keep his distance and remain unnoticed, which is important in the absence of armor.

An interesting situation with TVP T 50/51… He can also increase stealth, but given the low armor penetration, it is preferable to keep at a medium distance.

You can also add 6 km / h to the maximum speed using Additional forward gear in the checkpoint (as an option, at the beginning of the battle it is faster to take a position in order to shoot the drum at the enemy’s patrol).

In case of M48 Patton It will be very important to increase the maximum speed, but it is quite possible to leave a balanced assembly for a more comfortable shooting of damage.

Progetto M65 can also improve stealth if you prefer to play sniper and put in the firepower slot rammer

But the whole question is that they are going to nerf him: to worsen accuracy, stabilization and generally make it impossible to put a rammer. Then it is already so effective not to shoot from afar, so you can add engine power by Turbocharger… The increase in thrust-to-weight ratio will provide a faster set of speed, which is very good for the “Italian”.

But the French BC 25 t can be to do even more inconspicuousthan the Swedish UDES 15/16. At the same time putting Improved sights you can significantly improve the accuracy (which is what he lacks so much now).

E 50M and UDES 15/16 have not learned anything new for themselves in principle, unless the ventilation can be replaced with modules to improve dynamics.

But the Centurion AX and STB 1 proved to be the most versatile in terms of received profile slotsso the build for them remains the same. But if someone lacks dynamics, then, as in the case of the previous two tanks, you can add maximum speed or engine power.

Summing up, we can say that against the background of other classes, medium tanks turned out to be the most balanced: without pronounced imb and obvious cacti (although the fate of Object 430U and Progetto M65 is still in question).

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