• September 24, 2023

TOP of the best tools in Valheim and what they are for

Walheim is a survival RPG that has an extensive list of useful devicesneeded to earn a living in Viking purgatory. It’s not so easy to understand them the first time, so we have prepared a detailed guide for you.

instruments in Valheim

There is a reason why Valheim retains its place as a bestseller Steam for several weeks in a row. Its unique survival gameplay and aesthetics of Viking life are incredibly appealing to most gamers.

In addition, this is a great co-op game for a group of friends, while many people are on self-isolation.

The game has several irreplaceable instruments, helping to travel through its vastness. While some players classify certain items, such as workbenches, as tech tools, this list focuses on things that placed directly in the user’s inventory


pickaxe in ValheimIt will be difficult to survive in the Viking purgatory without being able to properly procure the materials. The game allows you to create pickaxes three types… Each improvement opens access to the production of new materials:

  • Horny pickaxe – assembled from a stone of copper, tin and iron;
  • Bronze pickaxe – dirty piles of scrap metal and iron ore;
  • Iron pickaxe – silver ore and obsidian.

Receiving bronze pickaxe can be quite a complicated process, but it’s worth creating it as soon as possible. It significantly speeds up the process of extracting useful ingredients. Before starting crafting, you should know how to make an iron pickaxe without using solid wood will not work, so be sure to stock it up in advance.


cultivator in ValheimThere are two tools that are helpful when learning about farming. The first is hoe… Part of the functionality of the hoe can be replaced horny pickaxe, but the efficiency will leave much to be desired. The tool is created with workbench

To create the second item, you will need smithy, it has the ability to craft cultivator… It is required for plowing the land and growing seeds. Also the cultivator is able to work the land for growing grass, which will help make the base much more attractive.

The hammer

hammer in the ValheimThe hammer Is the first tool a game can make. Everyone starts with a hammer recipe. It is not required for its manufacture Workbench… It is used to create fire, furniture and buildings… We recommend not to avoid crafting it and do it at the earliest opportunity.


Mug in ValheimThere are currently two items in the game that have not yet been identified as useful. These include Cup and Odin’s honey horn… The latter can only be obtained by people who participated in beta testing. Valheim… If the horn can still be considered as a collection item and will become extremely valuable over time, then the usefulness of the ordinary mug is still questionable.


ax in WeilheimThe best way to get firewood is to have a strong ax… Of course, no one forbids punching trees with fists for extraction. firewood. Perhaps this will be the most courageous way of obtaining materials from the Vikings, but axes are much more effective. They come in five varieties, including:

  • Stone;
  • Flint;
  • Bronze;
  • Iron;
  • Black Metallic.

Having more powerful axes can allow researchers to gain important resources. The most valuable is bronze ax, because with its help you can get birch and oak. Some axes are especially good for chopping down certain types of trees. So, stone tool effective in harvesting beech, fir and pine.

Fishing Tools

fishing rod in Weilheim

Fishing is a great way get food in the gameand this is one of those things to do as soon as possible. Create a fishing rod it will not work on its own, to solve the problem you will need to seek help from merchant… Finding him is not so difficult, but this is one of the primary tasks in the game, since this NPC will help you to realize the gold coins you have obtained with difficulty.


torch in WeilheimTorches Is the best way to get light, especially in the early stages of the game. It is also a very useful item for scaring away some enemies. It can even be used as a weapon. Remember that the torch has a heat effect that will keep you from freezing to death when exploring various biomes

Weapon for battle

weapons in WeilheimThere are many types in the game weapons, each of them has certain advantages when used in battle. Consider known species at the moment:

  • Arrows – used with bows. There are basic and elemental arrows. Elementary are divided into fiery, poisonous, silver and ice.
  • Axes – used for cutting wood. There is also a battle ax, which is more suitable for use in combat.
  • Swords – Deal slashing damage.
  • Polearms – deals piercing damage.
  • Luke – are used for shooting.
  • Spears – cause piercing damage. Used as a throwing weapon.
  • Knives – inflict chopping and stabbing damage. Attacks faster than other weapons.
  • Clubs – do blunt damage.
  • Shields – items of protection in the game. Round shields allow players to parry, but tower shields do not.

Things like swords can also be used to cut wood if you don’t have ax in inventory. There is also a special sword called Dirnwinwhich can only be accessed using console commands. No one can get through Walheim no strong weapon for self-defense, so choose wisely.

In Valheim, you will definitely need a good crafting guide. In addition, we advise you to read our life hacks for playing as a formidable Viking and learn how to make mead. Well, if you have already mastered the basic mechanics of the game, then it’s time to go to battle with bosses.

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