• December 1, 2023

Top premium tanks of level 7. What’s relevant in 2019?

Top 5 best tanks for farming and bending in the current randomness. The most interesting in terms of class gameplay and performance characteristics. Leaders in win percentage and average damage per battle.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we are dealing with tier 7 premium tanks, which are useful and noteworthy. The New Year is just around the corner, and these are discounts, promotions and the opportunity to get unique and rare equipment.

AMX 13 57

The French light tank is in many ways similar to the representatives of the pumped AMX 12 t branch at level 6 and the AMX 13 75 at level 7, but significantly surpasses them in terms of combat effectiveness… The main feature of the AMX 13 57 is the presence of a drum for as many as 8 shells with a CD between shots of 1 second, which makes it possible to issue as much as 720 damage in a short period of time! Good accuracy and fast turret traverse speed will help with the implementation of the drum, which is important in dynamic battles.

Low weight ratio 14.7 tons (ramming should be avoided) and a 250 hp engine. guarantee a high launch speed, which can be used not only for taking key positions, but also when it is necessary to quickly get out of the light for a full reload time (takes only 16 seconds). The low silhouette provides good invisibility.


The tank also has a couple of disadvantages:

  • low armor penetration (if you want to shoot damage at the bottom of the list, you will have to charge gold);
  • small ammunition load – 56 shells with such a drum sometimes go off very quickly, so in the second half of the battle you involuntarily begin to take care of the shells.
AMX 13 57 booking scheme

The gameplay requires a special approach, only with a competent game will it be possible to realize all the advantages of a tank in battle. Therefore, it is not recommended to enter into duels with full classmates, because even with the full implementation of the drum, it will not be possible to pick up the enemy LT. Considering the low alpha-strike, it is absolutely impossible for him to exchange shots from behind cover. The AMX 13 57 has very weak armor, so it will be pierced with almost every hit.This technique can be purchased exclusively for promotions in the Premium Shop. The last time a lot of players got their hands on this great tank in their Hangar was a 40% off offer on the monthly Twitch Prime (the site regularly updates step-by-step reward packages, such as the November Juliet Pack).


Soviet heavy tank included in the kit “Berlin Five”, which goes on sale for Victory Day on May 9. The tank got into this set for its historical past, because during the Great Patriotic War it was the most powerful and heavily armored serial Soviet heavy. He played a key role in the final part of the Second World War, proved himself well in the storming of cities.

IS-2 in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Germany, Berlin 1945

In the game, this TT is in many ways similar to the pumped IS, which is one of the most popular Tier 7 tanks. Therefore, his playing style is similar, so that all fans of Soviet heavyweights will like him. The IS-2 differs from the pumped one by a lower nominal frontal armor – 100 mm versus 120 mm, but due to the fact that the armor plates of the premier tank are located at a more rational angle, the indicators of the reduced armor are an order of magnitude higher.

IS-2 booking scheme

In terms of armament, the same 122mm D-25T cannon is installed with a large one-time damage of 390 units and armor penetration of 175 mm, so the tank is identical to the IS in all other indicators of firepower. Visibility and stealth are also the same with a pumped tank, but in terms of mobility, the IS-2 is more maneuverable, but gains maximum speed a little slower.


IS-2 is a good budget alternative the more expensive Soviet heavy weapons IS-6 and Object 252U “Defender”. At the same time, it is well suited for farming, fun roaming, and crew training.

The newest tank in our rating, which was released in June this year. First, notice that its name is Tiger, but it does not belong to German technology, this unit became a trophy of the US Army during the battles in 1944. This moment was popularized and several news stories were filmed.

Photo of US soldiers on the captured Tiger

The tank inherited its tactical and technical characteristics from its homeland, so in the game we got a German Tiger in an American wrapper (a unique style – “Captured” is attached to it by default). Equipped with King Tiger standard for TT Germany level 7 88 mm cannon with exactly the same one-time damage of 240 units and 203 mm armor penetration as the pumped vehicle. As for the other parameters of the gun, it is slightly inferior in aiming speed, accuracy and reload time, but retained good UVN. In general, these values ​​are enough for confident play against single-tier vehicles.

The reliable frontal armor of the hull deserves attention, and the large mass of almost 70 tons allows you to confidently take on stagnant opponents to ram. But you need to remember about the weak security of the sides.

King Tiger booking scheme (captured)

Difficulties with the use of this vehicle in battle will be caused by weak dynamics, a very low turret traverse speed (it will not be difficult for maneuverable tanks to spin it) and large dimensions, which makes it a tasty target for SPGs.


The peculiarity of the distribution of this tank is that it cannot be bought. It is issued only for RENT when you connect Twitch Prime to your World of Tanks account in your personal account. Therefore, many players are resorting to an easier way to get a Twitch Prime account so as not to buy a monthly Twitch Prime subscription from Amazon. For some tankers, this situation is familiar, because the T-44-100 (R) is being leased using a similar method.

The most popular vehicle at level 7 is the German tank destroyer E 25, on which, on average, over 66,000 battles are fought a month. In this rating, she stands out with a preferential level of battles, one of the few vehicles that, after the introduction of a new balancer, still feels quite comfortable in battle.

One of the main advantages of this vehicle is its high speed, compared to light tanks. At the beginning of the battle, you can take your favorite bush, but lately, the game has less and less immobile positions for shooting, and “popular” bushes are often shot without glare just to check

Therefore, the key to success when playing the E 25 is its mobility, being guided by the situation to change positions, being close to the main events on the battlefield.

It has an unusual gun, as for a tank destroyer, which has a small alpha strike and low armor penetration, is distinguished by a very high rate of fire, fast aiming and excellent accuracy.

E 25 booking scheme

The E 25 has weak armor, in a rare case it can tank low calibers, and the same KV-2 can prescribe a one-shot to it with a land mine, so you should play it very carefully.

A low silhouette and excellent camouflage contribute to survival, so sticking to the ambush technique, this tank will be the king of the situation, because the view of single-tier vehicles will often be insufficient to detect the E 25 lurking in ambush.


The car has long been taken out of sale and transferred to the category of promotions. Many players were able to get this imba in their Hangar during the marathon. Those tankers who missed this moment can only hope for promotions or New Year’s boxes, where sometimes there is rare equipment.

M56 Scorpion

American tank destroyer, which is a direct alternative to the E 25, with the only difference that it has a full battle level, but is available for purchase at any time, both in the Premium Store and within the game client.

M56 Scorpion booking scheme

Due to historical circumstances, the car has a low mass (you should be wary of the enemy ram) and is absolutely devoid of armor, since it was assumed that it would be used for landing from an aircraft, so land mines always come in with full damage.

The M56 Scorpion also boasts good dynamics, besides, it picks up the maximum speed quickly enough. Firepower is the main advantage of this tank destroyer:

  • comfortable angles of vertical and horizontal guidance;
  • high armor penetration with base armor-piercing and special (gold) cumulative;
  • fast aiming time;
  • excellent accuracy.

The low silhouette contributes to good camouflage, so a good ambush sniper came out of the M56 Scorpion. Low visibility and long reloading spoil the situation a little, but still the advantages of the technique fully cover its disadvantages.


Among the premium vehicles available for sale, the M56 Scorpion one of the best options to buy in terms of price / quality ratio… In battle, it will provide pleasant gameplay, farming and bending.

Leaders in damage among pumped tier 7 vehicles in 2019

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