• March 4, 2024

Torchlight II Giveaway – One of the Best Diabloids

An interesting game for RPG fans with high ratings from players and critics.

Torchlight ii

Traditionally, on Thursdays, the distribution of free games in the Epic Games Store is updated. This time they give only one game, but which one! The legendary Torchlight II, which at the time of its release was able to attract many fans of the Diablo series of games.

The distribution will take place from 16 to 23 July until 18:00 Moscow time. The game is already available in the EGS launcher.

Torchlight II EGS

Game ratings on Metacritic:Torchlight II game ratings

An action / RPG game with a general steampunk style invites players to explore a large world, which, as expected in the plot of such games, we will have to save. Developed plot, four varied and detailed locations (one for each Act). The world around the player does not stand still, day gives way to night, and sunny weather is pouring rain.

An advanced character editor will allow you to customize various features of the selected protagonist. There are 4 classes available and there is the possibility of gender change:

  • Embermage
  • Engineer (Engineer);
  • Berserker;
  • Outlander

In addition, we have expanded the list of companions (animal familiars) who will keep company throughout the adventure.

Torchlight II supports co-op all over the world, so call your friends, because it’s much more interesting to play together.Torchlight ii

You are free to choose the direction of the path in the open world of Wilderan, and the random generation of levels brings enough variety to the gameplay so as not to get bored. One of the interesting features was the “New game plus” mode in which the player can endlessly go through the game over and over again with his character, increasing the difficulty each time.

High replayability is one of the main advantages of Torchlight II.

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