• December 5, 2023

Troubleshooting Guide for Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a free multiplayer game in which the player will take part in various battles. There is both a regular team-on-team competition (as in Counter Strike) and a battle royale mode (similar to PUBG). The advent of COD mobile in the battle royale genre has taken the whole world by storm, as it is one of the most popular modes today. The game with all its functions is already available for download, but so far it is only available in beta.

Beta testing Call of Duty Mobile makes it clear to players that the application has not yet been completed and individual errors may appear. The development teams of Activision and Tencent Games are constantly releasing fixes for the most common problems, but they still do not have time to fix all the technical errors.

Not an issue that COD Mobile is currently only available in India. This means that you can only play it if you manually install the APK file and use VPN applications. Access from other regions is usually unavailable or unstable. All players from Europe and Russia will have to use crutches.

Below are fixes for the most common bugs in Call of Duty Mobile and a few nuances to improve gameplay.

How do I fix login and network failures in COD Mobile?

Authentication error in 99% of cases is caused by the fact that the user is trying to connect to the game from a blocked country. As already mentioned, you can only play comfortably in India. Closed beta testing is now underway, so connecting from other regions is doomed to an authorization error. For users from Europe and Russia, the only way to try the game is to connect to an Asian server.

To switch to using servers from Asia, you need to use a VPN application. We managed to check the functionality of SafeVPN and FlyVPN. When using them, it is possible to set the location “India”. After establishing a connection to the servers, you need to restart the game. Due to the increased ping and a long connection process, sometimes you have to use several attempts to log in.

How to fix black screen after Activision logo in COD Mobile?

Some users see a black screen after the Activision logo when launching the game. This means that the OBB data file is missing or some application files have been lost or damaged. The OBB file is a key component of all mobile games. It includes all data, such as videos, graphics, and more.

To fix the black screen problem in Call of Duty, you will have to download the OBB file and put it in the correct location. Here is a link to the desired item in the archive. The negotiated file should be stored here Android / obb / com.activision.callofduty.shooter. To put it on the link, you should start the file manager. If the folder with the same name could not be found, you need to create it.

An alternative way to fix a damaged game is to completely reinstall it. To do this, you can use the game client TapTap… The app helps you download the APK file and automatically install the OBB.

High ping: how to eliminate latency while playing?

If your internet connection has a high ping, latency is guaranteed. This happens due to the use of a bad VPN. To remedy the situation, you can configure a DNS server or switch to a better server. The second method does not need to be described, so the plans are to focus on DNS, which can balance ping and reduce latency.

The lower the ping value in milliseconds, the faster the connection to the servers is. In order to reduce the response delay, you need to go to the settings of the Wi-Fi router or go to the phone settings. Usually this parameter is carried out in a separate column in the router, it remains only to indicate the IP to it. Most often, Google DNS performs well: and the alternative address is

“Device does not meet minimum requirements” Call of Duty mobile

There is a very logical justification for this error. Due to the weak hardware of the smartphone, it cannot cope with the load from the application. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do yourself other than updating your phone. Owners of old smartphones can only expect a softening of the minimum requirements at the official level. True, developers are unlikely to get to the optimization of the application soon. Still, Call of Duty mobile is a game with a new generation of graphics, which requires high power of hardware on a smartphone.

Minimum requirements for COD Mobile:

  • Snapdragon 625 with Adreno 506 and above;
  • Mediatek Helio P23 with MALI G71 and above;
  • Kirin 960 with Mali G71 or higher
  • At least 3 GB of RAM;
  • At least 4 – 5 GB of free space.

While these specs are minimal, some weaker devices can still handle the launch of the game. There are users who could play comfortably on smartphones with a lower specification level. True, you have to be content with low quality graphics.

How do I improve the graphics in COD Mobile?

Even if there is advanced hardware on the phone in comparison with the minimum requirements, some users still see bad graphics. Playing on a low quality graphical interface looks poor and deprives you of the advantage in detecting the enemy. To improve it, you need to use the application settings.


  1. Launch COD Mobile.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the gear icon, symbolizing the menu.
  3. Go to the system tab and find the “Sound and Picture” section.
  4. Set one of the options: standard, dynamic, realistic.
  5. Increase the frame rate for better gameplay.
  6. Include depth of field (this parameter can lead to overheating of the device, you need to use it carefully).
  7. Restart the game.

If, upon activation of the increased graphics quality, nothing visually changes, most likely the matter is in the game mode. It is built into most smartphones, and OEMs increase the frame rate this way. OnePus 7 Pro calls it Fnatic, Samsung calls it Game Launcher, and other manufacturers call it Game Mode.

To achieve better graphics, you will have to adjust the game mode by setting a custom profile according to the preferences and capabilities of the smartphone. You need to move it to the position of maximum performance and set a high FPS. In the case of using the balanced mode, the screen resolution is slightly reduced. This may cause COD mobile to ignore the screen configuration.

On Samsung with Game Launcher, the setup process is as follows:

  1. Start game mode and go to “Settings”.
  2. Activate “Individual game settings”.
  3. Turn off the low resolution switch and activate the maximum FPS.

On older Samsung, the Game Tuner app plays the role of game acceleration. It works in Android Nougat and earlier. It’s even good, because the program offers a lot of work settings. The main focus should be on the quality of graphics and FPS.

How to fix the issue where weapons won’t spawn or shoot in COD Mobile?

This problem has already been fixed by the developers, but some users continue to face it. There is a solution:

  1. Disable mobile internet and Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the game and see the update error.
  3. Minimize the application and enable network access.
  4. Users from Russia additionally need to enable VPN with connection to India.
  5. Start the game and click on the “Retry” button.

Here are all known bugs and how to fix them. New glitches appear every day, so as they are discovered, the material will be updated. For now, the above measures should be sufficient.

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