• September 24, 2023

Two new bonus codes in World of Tanks

If you were waiting for the right moment to replenish the stock of vehicles with the best premium heavy weights, days of premium account, reserves and combat missions for x5 experience, then this is it.

bonus code activated

Greetings tankers! Wargaming has generous its poles for World of Tanks as part of a joint collaboration with Yandex +. From July to August, two bonus codes are relevant and we will tell you more about each one.

Only for the RU-region (CIS), 1 time per tank account this type of Bonus code! Validity – until August 31, 23:59 (MSK).

Bonus code for premium tanks

Two heavy tier 8 prem tanks are available for rent:

  • the legendary Soviet TT Object 252U “Defender” is the cherished dream of many players and for many years the unchanging imba of random. By the way, it is one of the most expensive tanks, it is very rarely on sale (mostly only on February 23rd). Farms well and even “ten” tanks in skillful hands;
  • the new American TT with a drum for 3 shells T77 has proven itself well in battles. The combination of agility and sensible damage in a short amount of time makes him a dangerous opponent.


Link to activate the Wargaming code.

Also, then the opportunity will open for buying out tanks at a discount:

buyback of tanks

Also as a bonus there are:

  • 5 personal reserves + 100% to combat experience for 2 hours;
  • 5 personal reserves + 300% to crew experience for 2 hours.

Bonus code for premium account and combat missions

Another advantageous offer, which at retail in a premium store would cost 700+ rubles, but such property can be obtained for 100 rubles with a bonus code (there is a temporary discount). For its activation you will receive:

  • 7 days of premium account, which will not only increase the farm and pumping (due to bonus combat missions and a controlled x3 experience multiplier), but also open up access to exclusive daily missions;
  • 25 combat missions for 5 times more combat experience in a victorious battle will allow you to quickly and easily pass any tank, saving you hours of time and nerve cells.

The relevance of these knowledge bases will significantly increase, since the developers are closing the action “Into battle!” for bonuses to pumping vehicles.


Link to activate the Wargaming code.

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