• August 10, 2022

“Unable to connect to server” in Minecraft – how to fix

The error “Unable to connect to the server” pesters some Minecraft players when they try to play multiplayer with their mates or friends. In fact, this error means that the game cannot convert the server domain into a clear IP address, as a result of which it is simply impossible to connect to the latter.

Reasons for the appearance of “Unable to connect to the server” in Minecraft

  • Invalid IP address. Think about it, did you correctly specify the IP address of the server you need? The error is guaranteed if you are mistaken by at least one character.
  • A firewall is blocking Minecraft. Windows Defender Firewall excels in protecting the user’s system from online threats. However, in some cases, the system firewall can start blocking some Minecraft functions.
  • Problem DNS server address range. Another potential cause is an incorrect user-defined DNS server address range. Perhaps, when you set the addresses, you accidentally made some small mistake, for example, you put a period in the wrong place or replaced “1” with “2”.

Eliminating the error “Unable to connect to the server” in Minecraft

Solution # 1 Register the correct IP address

Perhaps you see the error “Unable to connect to the server” due to the fact that you were inattentive – you registered the wrong IP address in the game. This often happens to players who are not used to prescribing such values ​​by hand. Make sure the IP address does not contain extra spaces or other characters.

Solution # 2 Adding Minecraft to the Windows Firewall exceptions list

Some users managed to get rid of the “Unable to connect to server” error in Minecraft by adding the latter to the Windows system firewall exceptions list. It can be difficult for an average user to do something like this – here’s what to do:

  • press WIN + R on the keyboard to bring up the “Run” window;
  • insert the value “CONTROL” into a blank line and press ENTER;
  • in view mode, select “Large icons”;
  • find and click LMB on the “Windows Defender Firewall” section;
  • select “Allow interaction with an application or component in Windows Defender Firewall”;
  • find “Minecraft” in the list, check the boxes next to the private and public networks, then click “OK”;
  • close all open windows.

Start Minecraft and check for the “Unable to connect to server” error.

Solution # 3 Editing DNS server addresses

For some reason, Minecraft may refuse to connect a player to a particular server if the DNS server addresses are set automatically on his computer. In addition, this situation can arise if the DNS addresses were entered incorrectly or the user selected the wrong DNS server.

Please try to set the addresses below manually and then check for the problem. To change DNS on your PC, you need to do the following:

  • press the WIN + S combination to call the system search engine;
  • insert the query “View network connections” into an empty line and press ENTER;
  • double-click LMB on your network connection to open the status window, and click on the “Properties” button;
  • find the component “IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” in the provided list and double-click on it with LMB;
  • put a tick next to the item “Use the following DNS server addresses”;
  • set the following values:
    • Preferred DNS Server –
    • Alternative DNS server –
  • click on the “OK” button and close all open windows.

Launch your copy of Minecraft and check if the “Unable to connect to server” error has disappeared.

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