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Valhalla – Location of Codex Pages

After the Bureau of the Unseen is erected in the Ravensthorpe settlement, Eyvor will have the opportunity to interact with Haytham. In exchange for medallions of the Order of the Ancients, removed from the affected targets, he will teach you new abilities. In addition, Haytham will ask you to find six secret Bureaux, which are scattered throughout England, and return to him the pages of the Invisible Codex hidden in them. In addition to pages, each Bureau contains parts of the Invisible Set, which consists of five pieces of armor and a dagger.

The passage of the locations of the Bureau is associated with certain tests. Our guide will show you how to go through them and collect all of the hidden pages of the Code.

Bureau of the Unseen in Leicestershire

The first office is located in Leicestershire, under the ruins in the northeastern part of the city. To get inside, look for a bunch of boxes suspended above the ground. By shooting at them, you will open a passage to the caves. Go straight, destroying the boxes blocking your way. The codex page is in the back of the last room (activate Odin’s gaze for a quick search).

Bureau of the Invisibles in Gloucestershire

This bureau is hidden outside Gloucestershire, southwest of it. Once you reach your destination, look for large ruins with a single entrance. Go downstairs, and when you enter the room, there will be a gap on your right, closed by boxes and pots. After destroying them with a torch, then you will be faced with deadly green gas and weakened walls that you need to destroy using pots of oil. Going in search of this Bureau, it is worth stocking up on a sufficient number of arrows.

Bureau of the Unseen in Colchester

The next office is located near Colchester, Essex. The entrance to the office is not difficult to find, but it is blocked by a collapsed stone wall. Look for a pot of oil nearby, then climb a tree and throw the pot on the rocks. Once inside the office, you have an easy path until you reach a locked door. Now go up the wall to the right, jump down and take the key under the water. After that, return to the room and open the locked door. This will give you access to the main room, where you can shoot through the latticed door. Now go back and jump to the other side. By opening the door, you can loot the chest and get the master key to the vault. Then it remains only to get to the room with the Codex page.

Bureau of the Invisibles in Lunden

The entrance to the Bureau of the Invisibles is located in the northeastern part of the city. To discover the passage, look for the large wooden wall surrounding the cave at this location. It is hard to miss as it stands out among the Roman ruins. You can dive straight down and land in the water. There will be a weak spot on the left side of the room that can be destroyed under water. This will lead you to another passage. After passing into it, jump onto the wooden platform hanging above the second reservoir. Go up the wall and you will see a red pot. Shoot him through the metal bars and then use the rope to get inside the bureau.

Bureau of the Invisibles in Jorvik

You will find the entrance to the Jorvik Office at the southwest point of the city. After you destroy the wooden obstacle, dive and swim underwater, then go through the crevice in the wall as soon as you get out of the water. On the left side there will be a large room with many treasures. The very same Bureau is on the right. To get through, you will need to move the bookshelves to the side. Once inside, activate Odin’s gaze and look at the top of one of the bookcases for a key. Take the key to the door, and open the room – in its corner is the Codex page. There is also another key that opens a chest with a piece of armor.

Bureau of the Invisibles in Winchester

The last Bureau of the Unseen is located in Winchester, in the Hamtanskyr region. The entrance to this place is fairly obvious and open. You need to dive into the water and swim straight to get through the caves. Once on the other side, move the shelf so that it does not block the latticed door, and then use it to destroy the wooden block. Follow the path until you reach a stream of water that you need to jump over. There will be several jugs of butter on the right side. You need to take one, go back the same way, and then go to the left, where there will be a destructible stone wall, in front of which you can place a jug to blow up this obstacle. As a result, a passage will open to the last Bureau with a page of the Codex and the dagger of the Unseen.

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