• September 29, 2022

Valheim: TOP-10 life hacks

Now it is difficult to find a gamer who has not heard about the phenomenon of this survival project. Being in Early Access, the game made a splash and became for many the standard of the classic survival simulator. However, it is quite hardcore, so our secrets will help you quickly get comfortable in this universe.

Valheim: Top 10 Simple Tips That Will Make You The Best Viking

The audience, constantly waiting for content, without looking back rushed to conquer the tenth world of the Vikings, Valheim. It turned out that surviving in fairytale forests is not the easiest thing to do, and death awaits the gamer at every turn. That is why we are pleased to present 10 actionable tipsadhering to which, from the very first minutes you will feel more comfortable in a hostile world.

Good food is the key to health

Valheim tips

In reality, a person needs to eat in order to live. “Walheim” slightly changes the approach to eating. Hunger does not directly threaten your health, but it can lead to death, provoking a deficiency of characteristics.

By consuming food, the character gains additional health and stamina, and also heals. If you have a rendezvous with local monsters, good food will allow you to deal with hordes of opponents fast and comfortable. Therefore, do not be lazy – develop your culinary skills and increase your chances of survival.

Fundamentals of Economics

Valheim tips

During the journey, our Viking receives coinsthat can be spent if you are lucky enough to find a merchant. There are many useful things in its assortment, but it should be clearly understood which of them are more needed at a particular moment of the game.

For a start, a good solution would be buying a fishing rod… Fighting on an empty stomach is a very dubious pleasure, and a fisherman can always get himself an extra portion of seafood.

Boss fight

Valheim tips

The fearsome denizens of Valheim won’t chase you headlong. The boss waits patiently for the player to collect the necessary artifacts and take them to his altar.

This should be used. Prepare well for battle, and only then engage in battle with evil beasts. Summoning items can be hard to find, and sometimes just hard to carry away (as is the case with dragon eggs).

One more!

Valheim tips

What Viking doesn’t like to abuse firewater? In the case of the Scandinavian warriors, the most revered alcoholic beverage is mead. In Walheim, you have to boil it to provide yourself with the desired effects.

Endurance, health restoration, resistance to cold, poison and fire – bThe undeniable benefits of friendship with the green serpent. Of course, you will have to find honey, as well as craft containers for preparing a drink, but it’s worth it!

Own ranch

Valheim tips

Livestock Is a good way to get meat and valuable hides. It is quite simple to domesticate a wild boar or a wolf – the animals love to eat well. In order for the animals to begin to feed some kind of love for the Viking, you will have to feed them a lot of goodies. Running after future wards is unworthy of a northern warrior, therefore it is better to lure pets into makeshift pens and feed until mutual feelings appear.

A pair of animals will breed, opening up new horizons for the gamer, so it’s a good idea to engage in animal husbandry.

Storage basics

Valheim tips

Alas, we are not able to carry all the inventory on our own hump. That is why there are chestswhere you can put useful resources that will come in handy in the future.

Try to place them as compactly as possible, since a comfortable game requires a spacious warehouse. Also keep track of the number of chestsavailable in the property, because they can fill up quickly enough.

Wolf armor

Valheim tips

This set can be tricky to create, but it will be a good help for further progress. Going to the mountains, the character is exposed to the cold, and the armor largely solves this problem.

Crafting a set is reduced to farm wolf skins, fangs, as well as silver bars. The benefits of the armor will become especially evident during the fight with Mouder, one of the bosses who uses ice steam to kill the character.

Apiary creation

Valheim tips

Honey – an extremely demanded resource that is used in cooking and home brewing. Getting many beneficial effects directly depends on the availability of a viscous delicacy.

Of course, honey can be farmed in wild hives, but striped insects will not be happy with your visit and will give the Viking a cold welcome. That is why it is better to create your own apiary. The algorithm of actions is simple: we knock the queen bee out of the wild hive, make a wooden house for her and get a constant source of honey.

Farming Greydwarves

Valheim tips

The nests of these creatures appear randomly on the map. Kill yourself greydwarf it is not always easy, but they leave the portal endlessly, which means that they open up for us the possibility of extracting resin, eyes and wood.

If the player is allowed strength, it is worth destroying several waves of opponentsbefore breaking the nest in order to obtain valuable resources in large quantities.

Console commands

Valheim tips

Fraud deprives the gameplay of the sporting component, therefore we advise you to play Walheim honestly. However, the list of console commands is worth checking out.

If you want to take a nice screenshot or make the passage easier, cheats may be helpful.

If Valheim is your thing, then we recommend checking out the upcoming DLCs for the harsh world of the Vikings. For fans of everything snowy and Nordic, we recommend reading about 10 secret quests in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

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