• March 4, 2024

Warface launch error: how to fix it

Some fans of online shooters sometimes complain about a launch error in the Warface game. The full text of the error contains the following information:

Game launch error

The device does not recognize the command.

File name: *: GamesMailRu Warface Bin32Release Game.exe

It should be noted that the first line in the error text may change from time to time. For example, the message may display the line “access denied” or “the specified file cannot be found.”

Reasons for the error

Are there any known reasons for this error? Well, the exact reason cannot be named, but there are a number of supposed reasons:

  • the antivirus has blocked or moved the executive files to quarantine;
  • damage to important game files;
  • lack of necessary libraries of various software on the computer;
  • presence of Cyrillic characters in the game directory;

After reviewing the list of reasons, let’s now go through the methods for solving the Warface game launch error.

Error solution methods

  • Launching Warface as Administrator. Some users managed to get rid of the annoying error by running the game as an Administrator. To do this, you need to go to the Warface folder under the directory *: GamesMailRu Warface Bin32Release (where * is the letter of the local drive), right-click on the Game.exe executable file and select the “Run as Administrator “.
  • Disable antivirus and check its quarantine. Some antiviruses can block files of the Warface game, as a result of which it cannot be launched. You need to go to the antivirus quarantine and check if the game files have been transferred there. If their presence in the quarantine is confirmed, do the following: disable the antivirus, return the files to their proper place, add them to the list of exclusions and re-enable the antivirus.
  • Installing the required libraries. The Warface game launch error could occur due to the fact that you do not have a set of certain libraries on your computer: DirectX, Microsoft Visual Studio C ++ 2008-2017, Microsoft .NET Framework. Redistributable packages of libraries of this software can be found on the official Microsoft website in the downloads section. Download, install and check if the issue with the game has been fixed.
  • Checking symbols in the game directory. A similar problem with Warface – and indeed with all programs on a PC – could arise due to the fact that Cyrillic characters are present in its installation directory. For example, some users like to call their games folder “Games”, “Toys” or “Entertainment”, however, this is highly discouraged. For example: incorrect – D: Games GamesMailRu Warface , correct – D: Games GamesMailRu Warface . Check that you do not have Cyrillic, and if it is still present, it needs to be corrected.
  • Updating the video card driver. Outdated graphics accelerator drivers are a common cause of problems when launching various applications. Go to the official website of the manufacturer of the graphics chip for your video card, i.e. NVIDIA, AMD or Intel, download the latest driver and install it, then check if Warface starts.
  • Reinstalling the game. It is possible that the Warface launch error is due to the fact that some game files were corrupted. If none of the above helped you get rid of the error, then we recommend that you simply reinstall the game.
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