• August 10, 2022

Wargaming has set the ban record forever. What will happen next?

The developers took drastic measures and tightened the verification. The 13th wave of bans passed, which was marked by impressive numbers.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you and today there are two waves of bans on the agenda for using cheats:

GK bans

We got a warning ban for the global map 14940, and permanent 1726 players. Such measures allowed the participants of the event, playing without cheats, to climb the Walk of Fame and get a level 10 tank. This is true.

Average statistics of banned players:

Victories – 51.73%

Battles on account – 31.684

As you can see, there were many veterans of the game among the rule-breakers, who certainly realized the consequences of playing with cheats.

Bans in random

If in this wave even most of them got off with a slight fright, then the 13th wave for the use of prohibited modifications went down in history as the most ambitious for indefinite bans.

The first Chinese warning or got banned for a week 33,077 players. Among such campaigns, this is only the 3rd result, which suggests that new players over the past year have become less likely to use prohibited modifications.

But this cannot be said about the veterans of the game. Ban FOREVER got 10,275 players. This is the second ban for them, which comes after the 7-day warning. Some have attempted to appeal, but to no avail. The CPP are categorical and adhere to the program’s decision: if they were given a ban, then they deserved it.


In this paragraph, we will look at several situations from comments on social networks and on the forum.

Some players were shocked by the ban, so comments were sent in the style:

  • “I didn’t put cheats”;
  • “I have a clean client”;
  • “Played once and deleted”, etc.

Please note that the ban may come not for today, not for yesterday or even this month. Sometimes the program will catch players who played banned a year or two ago.

Second group of commentators in style “Ugh, I got carried away again”… They do not even hide that they are using prohibited modifications, but, as we wrote above, it is possible to get a ban even for long-standing sins.

A funny episode deserves special attention when a banned player wrote in the CPP that with cheats not he played, but a friend from his account… This is a jamb in a square, because the guy personally admitted to a voluntary violation of the rules of the user agreement, in which it is prohibited to transfer the account to third parties.

True, it is impossible to trace such cases. Since many have a dynamic IP or play from home / work. Therefore, this restriction is more likely aimed at the security of the player’s account so that no one steals his login information.

Still, situations are different, therefore we recommend that you do not enter the game from unreliable computers (primarily for internet cafes).

Wargaming continues to toughen measures against violators; those who have been burned do not receive any concessions. In the future, the risk of being discovered will only become higher, so bending over with cheats may end up sadly for your account (no matter how much you donated). Take part in the survey, he is anonymous 🙂

What are you using poll?

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