• May 23, 2022

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Get Aiden Pearce?

Old hero in new surroundings. Everyone remembers the first part of the game, where we had a chance to play for the gloomy vigilante Aiden Pierce, who avenged the death of a loved one. So, he will be in London on his own personal affairs, but will be available as a playable character in the new part of the Watch Dogs series – Watch Dogs: Legion… True, not all players will have access to it.

Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs Legion

Yes, the novelty offers a dark atmosphere, so Marcus Holloway from the second part would not fit in here. Pierce, on the other hand, was just perfect.

Who is Aiden Pearce

Pierce is the protagonist of the first part, which was released already in 2014. Although it is not visible during the entire main story campaign Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft rewrote part of the story to be playable.

Pierce appears in the first big DLC to the third part of the game called Bloodline, whose plot is centered around Aiden. Its passage will clearly excite all players, since the plot twists will reveal the involvement of this hero in the events in London.

Aiden Pearce in the Watch Dogs Legion DLC Bloodline

The pier will change completely. His new look (after all, a lot of time has passed), combined with a dark character, will make him a favorite character for most players.

Now we will tell you what actions need to be taken in order for Aiden appeared on the permanent roster (list of available characters).

How to get Aiden Pierce

First thing to remember: Pierce will appear in Watch Dogs: Legion. after the release of DLC: Bloodline in 2021… At the moment, there is only one way to get it – purchase a season pass (Season Pass) for 1669 rubles (Uplay). But players who bought any edition above the standard will receive it automatically

There are no other less expensive ways to unlock Pierce.

After purchasing the pass, Aiden will be available for selection not only as part of the Bloodline expansion, but also main campaign… By the way, in the DLC, in addition to Pierce, you can see another familiar face – Rencha from Watch Dogs 2, who was one of the mentors and became a friend Marcus Holloway, the main character of the second part.

All characters in the Bloodline DLC

Also, the Season Pass will delight you with the presence of two rather interesting characters. The first is Darcy – member Brotherhood of Assassins from Assassin’s Creed. She will use the hidden blade and other skills of the Brotherhood. The second will be Mine… Strange experiments, but they are the reason for the appearance special strengthmind control

Darcy is an easter egg here, it does not connect the universes of Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed.

Video – About the Roadmap and Season Pass in Watch Dogs: Legion

And while some people love the randomized heroes from the main game, these four will be quite an important help in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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