• March 4, 2024

Ways to fix Windows activation error 0xC004C008

The topic of today’s post is crash with code 0xC004c008. It can appear with equal probability in all popular Windows operating systems, from seven to ten. In this article, we will consider with you how to fix this error using several proven methods. It is also worth pointing out that this time we will solve the error exclusively for users of a licensed copy of Windows.

What can cause error 0xC004c008?

We conducted our own investigation to determine the likely sources of failure. It is based on user reports and troubleshooting methods that worked earlier. The research results show that the product key is the most common cause of the problem. However, the failure scenarios may vary.

Situations in which activation fails:

  • The license key is already in use on another computer. Mostly Windows licenses are intended for installation on a single PC. If the key is already registered on another PC, then the error should not raise any questions.
  • The KMS key is installed on more computers than is stipulated by the terms of the license agreement. The problem appears in case of exceeding the number of activations with the same KMS key. If the reader uses a KMS key, remember that it can be used up to 10 times on 6 different devices.

If the licensed system was purchased from a genuine Windows store, it is always possible to fix the error. Most likely, you will be able to do it yourself using one of the methods described below. In extreme cases, you will have to contact the support service, where they will provide all the necessary information for activation.

Method 1: Using the Activation Troubleshooter

The best and easiest method to implement, which has been successfully used by more than one dozen users. Its main advantage is that practically nothing is required from the user. The main task is just to run the diagnostic tool: it will look for the problem itself and try to fix it. This solution is much better than reinstalling the OS from the installation disc or rolling back Windows. Moreover, such a solution will most likely be able to fix the problem.

By the way, the method is also applicable in cases where the malfunction appeared after changing Windows or replacing the motherboard. The method is applicable only to Windows 10.

Correction procedure:

  1. Press RMB on “Start” and select “Run”.
  2. Paste into window ms-settings: activation and click on Enter.
  3. Scroll the “Activation” tab to the very bottom of the list and click on the “Troubleshoot” button.
  4. Wait until the search for problems is completed, and then click on the “Apply this fix” button. Of course, in case of problems with activation.
  5. Turn off and then turn on the computer. Activation may start automatically or you will have to enter the license key again.

Method 2: Activation by phone

If the user is sure that the key is original and purchased from a genuine seller, then there is another way to activate the OS. You can use your phone for this. The required option is located right in the window with Windows activation. It’s easy to get into the appropriate window; follow the first few steps from the previous instruction.

Sometimes the user is not shown the option “phone activation” in the corresponding section. An alternative way to use the function is to press Win + R and insert SLUI 4. The command works in all versions of Windows. Here you will have to select a country and start the activation procedure.

After completing the preparation, the number you need to call will appear on the screen. The automatic activation system will give detailed instructions. As a result, the user will receive a unique installation ID that will appear on the phone. Entering it will activate Windows.

Method 3: contact Microsoft support

Perhaps, for some reason, one of the previous methods does not work. In this case, the only working way is to create a support ticket. It is important to provide them with full information about the problem, then the answer will become more accurate and faster.

There are several options for how to contact support, but the simplest of them is to use by reference… Under the large blue button, there is a “Contact support” link for contacting support. After downloading the application, a chat will open, where you can ask your question and get an answer to it. There are many known cases when Microsoft employees helped to fix activation problems with code 0xC004C00 in a couple of minutes.

All of these methods should give a positive result. The main condition is the presence of an original license key purchased from genuine sellers. The methods will not work correctly if the key is merged into the network.

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