• December 1, 2023

Ways to make money in the game The Survivalists

In the adventure sandbox The Survivalists, players will have to survive on a tropical island: collect resources, explore often hostile environments, and solve mysteries. The cooperative provides for a joint passage by a team of four characters, in which each will have to take on a specific role.

Money in the game is not an absolute necessity, almost everything that you can buy can also be created or found on the territory of the islands. However, the presence of doubloons will greatly simplify the survival process and speed up your game progress. The exchange of doubloons for items takes place in the Mystery Shop. There you will find special fruits, materials, tools, gems, keys, and treasure maps.

Here are some ways to earn doubloons in The Survivalists.

Completing tutorials

There are tutorials in the game that pop up when you are faced with various events. As you progress through these lessons as you play, you will earn 100 doubloons. All guides, including tutorials, are in the game magazine. The magazine will tell you how to complete the training and how much you get for each of them.

Victory over enemies

In addition to other loot, the defeated Orchels also drop a few coins. These hostile creatures will often raid your base, so you don’t have to look for opponents for a long time to earn money through battles.

Selling items

If you are short on money, you can sell items from the hot bar of your inventory to the Mystery Shop. In addition, as you travel the islands, you will find wreck sites and get special items for sale. These things will not make a lot of money, but even small amounts can come in handy at the beginning of the game.

Treasure hunt

During your exploration, you will find treasure maps that will lead to treasure chests. The hardest part of a treasure hunt is getting to the right place. Once you find a chest, you can either hack it on the spot or take it to your camp. Treasure chests contain tools, special items and a small amount of coins.

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