• September 28, 2023

We open all the big boxes in World of Tanks. Which is better to buy?

We bought New Year’s loot boxes of each type and are showing what fell out this year: how many gold, premium tanks, days of premium account and silver.

Christmas boxes

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we traditionally buy big New Year’s boxes in World of Tanks. We took 5 pieces of each type, opened one by one. The main advantage of loot boxes for the New Year is a win-win promotion. Unlike power units in September, the boxes are guaranteed to pay off here, at least in terms of gold.

It turns out that we buy gold with a 50% discount and pump the atmosphere with a bonus, get days of a premium account, and we can also knock out styles and different premium tanks, so how lucky. It’s not worth diving into boxes for the sake of tanks, but if you need to replenish stocks of gold, this is the best moment of the year.

By the way, this year the developers first revealed probability of dropping all awards in percents.

Learn more about the chances of getting premium vehicles.

And here is the video of opening the boxes:

Write in the comments what you got, from what attempt and on which boxes you were most lucky.

UPD 1: Another attempt at 5 Oriental boxes:

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