• February 21, 2024

Week of bonuses in WoT as a sign of support during the quarantine

Wargaming continues to support the players with buns due to the forced “vacation” and throw good bonuses.

Hello tankers! As everyone already knows, from March 30 to April 5, a non-working week has been announced on the territory of the Russian Federation. During this time, it is better to refrain from visiting crowded places and spend it at home, for example, playing World of Tanks.

In order to make the pastime in the game more enjoyable, the developers from March 25 give all players 2 weeks of a tank premium account with a bonus code BESAFE2020

You can activate the code until April 3, so if you have not done so yet, then we leave the link to enter.

Workers support the measures that all countries are taking to prevent the threat of the spread of the virus, therefore they urge to pay attention to their well-being and the health of others. For an interesting and comfortable game for this period, a number of promotions and additional bonuses are introduced:

  1. March 27-30 x2 experience for EVERY victory, subject to getting into the top 10 of your team by experience. So if they were waiting for the right moment to pump the technique, then this is it!
  2. March 30 to April 4 x3 per FIRST victory a day.
  3. From March 28th to April 6th all clan players can cash in on farm of industrial resources in fortifications – earnings increased by 2 times.

Also thanks to “Weekend combat missions” you can upgrade the crew:

We recommend taking a closer look at these BRs, as the first information about Crew 2.0 has already appeared, so it doesn’t hurt to have experienced tankers in your barracks. Even during the quarantine period, you can make significant progress in the first season of the “Battle Pass”.

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