• February 22, 2024

what causes the error and how to get rid of it

Error CE-32809-2 occurs when launching video games on the PS4 console. Some online users note that there is a small lock icon next to the game they are trying to enter. Unfortunately, the error message is extremely minimalistic – it does not contain any useful information.

Solution for error CE-32809-2 on PS4


The lock-shaped icon notifies that the game is on the disc of the console in use, but does not belong to an active account, that is, it can only be launched from the PSN account on which it was purchased. Problems begin when the PS4, for some inexplicable reason, begins to block games on the owner accounts, along the way showing the error CE-32809-2.

To get rid of the error and access your games, you need to do the following on PS4:

  • push up on the D-pad to access the function screen;
  • open “Settings” → “Account Management”;
  • now select “Activate as your primary PS4”;
  • if your account is already activated, select “Deactivate”;
  • then go to your PSN account and make it the main one in the above settings.

Check for error CE-32809-2 when launching the game you want. Obviously, the error will also disappear if you have several PSN accounts on your console and you have just activated yours. But what if the error continues to appear? What if the lock icon hasn’t disappeared anywhere? Sad if this is the case, but don’t worry: there are a number of additional solutions.

Additional solutions

  • Reboot the console. You may have encountered some nasty bug that restricted access to one or more games. Restart your PS4 and see if that solves the problem.
  • Reinstalling the game. Some users claim that they managed to get rid of the CE-32809-2 error by reinstalling the “problematic” game. You can uninstall / install this or that game from your personal library.
  • Initializing PS4. Unfortunately, if none of the above helps, then something is clearly wrong with your console software. Initialization is like reinstalling Windows, but only for PS4. Before starting initialization, make sure that you save all files that are important to you, because this process deletes all user data from the console. Initialization can be started in the corresponding section of the settings.

Use the latter solution only if all other methods failed before error CE-32809-2.

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