• December 5, 2023

What events in WoT will take place in 2020❓

In the coming year, the game turns 10 and already now the developers talked about what events will be released during 2020 and how the reward system will change.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have an overview of events in WoT in 2020.

Front line

The largest and longest event in 2019 was the Front Line. The mode provided a great opportunity to take a break from and unwind after random battles. Most of the players liked this format, the interest was maintained throughout the year (therefore, the developers brought in a second map for a change, the winter version). Playing in LF, you could farm credits, upgrade your crew or gain experience for transferring to the top-end configuration, and all this without prejudice to profile statistics. And the most important motivation was the bonuses for reaching levels and the opportunity to get level 8 premium tanks:

And promotional AE Phase I with a unique mechanics “built-in consumable” (belt).

By the way, already now at the Supertest they are rolling in, apparently, a new award for the LF – the French CT Projet 4-1 (they also added a regular large repair kit).

Steel hunter

The second mode to return this year will be the Steel Hunter, a Battle Royale-style mode where the last survivor wins. The game is filled with emotion and passion, but players wanted more variability in the development of the battle. Therefore, in the new year we will have an updated progression system, the received rank will no longer decrease, and the mode itself will last much longer.

They promise to make many changes and additions to the mode, so far it is only known about the release of a new map, more unique vehicles with new development options and combat skills.

Combining progress in LF and CO

For the Frontline and Steel Hunter modes, a general additional progression system will now appear. It will allow you to receive more rewards, i.e. it will be possible to pick up rewards from the LF playing only in CO and vice versa.

Battle of bloggers

Probably, even those who are absolutely not interested in this project are already aware of what is happening. Indeed, during the voting period, literally all publics on social networks were inundated with comments about who is better and who needs to be supported. The fans staged not just agitation, but were ready to literally fight for their chosen ones.

At the beginning of the year, we will have a competition between this year’s three people’s choices and the winner of last year’s LeBwa battle.

Voting results

Write in the comments, whom will you support at the final stage?

A special format has been prepared for the event, so everyone who voted will receive awards. The most interesting thing is that in your Hangar you can get a tanker with the appearance of a blogger (for whom they voted) and with a unique voice acting.

The only question is, what will happen to this tanker after entering the Crew 2.0? So if you recruit him, then only in the role of a commander or keep in reserve until there is no final data on the replacement of tankers.

PvE event

Another interesting event promises to be a historical PvE event. In part, it will resemble the “Last Frontier” summer mode. It is from him that the new event will inherit most of the game mechanics, and will also receive a number of additions and improvements.

A special map “Berlin” was prepared for the new regime. If last year we defended ourselves, now we have to go on the offensive. In the new event, players will need to make rapid attacks in order to capture enemy territory.

Other news

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