• May 29, 2022

What games are coming to Xbox Series X in the near future?

The Xbox Series X will be on sale soon, so a decision has to be made as to whether or not to switch to it. The biggest argument in favor of this decision will be the games that will be available on the next generation consoles. Already, there is excitement around the list of projects that will be released on the new game console. However, we propose to put aside rumors and be guided only by the data that are officially confirmed. Of course, all Xbox One games will also play on the Xbox Series X console. Here is a list of all the games that will be released on the new console.

Halo infinite

The fans had to wait for the sequel to Halo for 5 years, and it will be released immediately with the launch of the Xbox Series X. There is little information regarding the game, and most of them date a trailer from E3 2019. The protagonist was reborn after the destruction of Halo. Finally, the voice of Cortana is heard, which mentions the return of the Chief. If the guesses are correct and the Chief does not get the new artificial intelligence, this could be a reboot of Halo 5. Most likely, more information will appear at E3 2020.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

A trailer for Saga Senua: Hellblade was released along with the public unveiling of the new Xbox Series X design and title. It shows everything the new console is capable of and how great a new part of the game can look. In terms of history, the trailer does not provide much clues, but it is clear that Senua appears in front of people. Many northerners are still visible, these are the same people who killed her lover Dillion. The area in the background strongly resembles the first part. Hellblade II raises more questions than answers, but it looks really beautiful.

If you haven’t tried the first part yet, you should order the Game Pass as preparation. Phil Spencer revealed at the Game Awards that the game is only in its early stages of development right now, so it won’t appear in 2020.


Little is known about Starfield. From what we have been able to understand, this is the next major launch from Todd Howard and Bethesda. Moreover, the company has launched a new project for the first time in 2 decades. The trailer features the planet’s orbit, which could mean leaving the Earth. E3 2020 will clarify many points about the game.

Elder Scrolls VI

Elder Scrolls VI is one of the most mysterious games, as its teaser shows only a small section of the mountains with a castle. The rest is anyone’s guess. The release will definitely not happen soon, most likely the game will be released at the end of 2021 or later. There is a chance that something new will be shown at E3 2020, but this is unlikely.

Watch Dogs: Legion

The launch of the game was supposed to take place at the beginning of the year on the current generation consoles, but Ubisoft decided to postpone 3 of its projects. One of them is Watch Dogs: Legion. All because of the unsuccessful release of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. The company decided to continue developing and not release a raw game, which could earn a lot of criticism. The Ubisoft CEO noted that the game will launch on next-gen consoles, so it shouldn’t be expected until late 2020.

All the events of the game are concentrated in London. The player gets the opportunity to incarnate in the images of non-player characters. Events take place in the near future, where electronics have become an irreplaceable part of life. Drones, network hacking, camera control, and the like are the stuff of the game.

Rainbow six quarantine

Rainbow Six: Quarantine is the second project from Ubisoft with a forced delayed start in 2020. In the trailer, you can see creatures that closely resemble zombies. Players in co-op will fight with them. The developers plan to launch the game immediately on both Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Gods and monsters

This is Ubisoft’s third game mentioned earlier due to its delayed launch. It was planned to be made publicly available in early 2020. There are no exact release dates right now. But it is known that the same team that previously developed Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is responsible for the development of Gods and Monsters. Apparently, the game will offer to fight with the mythical creatures of ancient Greece. While the cartoonish graphics from the E3 2019 trailer are not misleading, the project offers advanced mechanics for fully grown gamers. The release of Gods and Monsters will take place on the console of the present and future generations.

Assassins creed valhalla

One of the most anticipated games from Ubisoft will invite you to become a Viking hero. Moreover, not an ordinary mercenary or a murderer, but a real leader who will have to take care of the development of his settlement. Raiding villages and plundering will play an important role, all in a Viking style.

Battlefield 6

The next Battlefield game won’t be out until late 2021. During a financial call in October 2019, EA announced that the next DICE release would not occur until FY2022, which runs from April 1st, 2021, until March 31st, 2022 Nothing else is known other than these say tributes live services will drive the game.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

This is an adventure game that will continue to watch Gollum, also known as Sméagol. Events unfold after his discovery of the ring of power and his loss of Bilbo as a result of the events of the “Hobbit”. The story will be based on books, not films, so discrepancies between paintings will be the norm. But this is a great chance to look at the well-known history from a new perspective. The planned launch date is unknown, but the developers promise to present the game to the public in 2021 on PC and all current consoles.

Yakuza: Like the Dragon

The game for the new game console returns to the action genre in its usual form, but also pays a lot of attention to the plot. The hero freed himself from prison and is trying to survive, as the boss of the yakuza is hunting him. Both sides are determined.

Bright memory infinite

The first-person shooter Bright Memory Infinite is focused on a single playthrough. It looks really exciting. Apparently, we will be shown the near future, when everything will be decided by firepower.

Call of the sea

This is a puzzle adventure. In the main role, Nora is a woman seeking to find the expedition with which her husband disappeared. The player finds himself on an uninhabited island, which has to explore and collect bit by bit everything that happened to her husband.


The game takes you into space, where it shows the potential future of Nara – this is in the past an experienced pilot, and now a ghost. She seeks to track down the cult that turned her into a monster.

Scarlet Nexus

The product from Bandai Namco will have a style very reminiscent of anime. The main character, Yuito Sumeragi, is a superhuman who possesses psychokinetic powers. With the help of his abilities, he opposes the aliens.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

The new part of Vampire: The Masquerade will be released on the next generation of consoles. The iconic sequel will take you to Seattle. Here the player will be able to independently decide what kind of vampire he wants to be.

Dirt 5

The continuation of the most popular racing series is on the way. Dirt offers a great career, voice acting with celebrity voices, and is likely to offer online contests between users.

Madden nfl 21

Almost nothing was known about the game, but EA’s football franchise sees the world every year. The only useful information is that the game will be released on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. To date, we have only seen a couple of seconds of game clips.

Second Extinction

Before us is a cooperative shooter for three, where the user and his friends will shoot mutated dinosaurs. They took over the planet, therefore they are subject to destruction.


The Scorn trailer looks extremely creepy and has some interesting visuals. Here are just the details of the game or the plot are still completely unknown.

The medium

Psychological horror game from The Blair Witch studio. The main role is the medium Marianne, stuck between reality and the spirit world. Her main task is to get to the truth in the investigation of the death of a child.

The ascent

A multiplayer third-person shooter that takes the player into the cyberpunk world. The shown gameplay boils down to the destruction of strange creatures, as well as the destruction of gangs and corporations that threaten the entire society.

This is a pretty long list of Xbox Series X games, so there are more than enough arguments for buying a new console. It features diverse games, most likely a player with any interests will be able to choose something for himself.

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