• February 20, 2024

What if a character freezes in Sims 4 or Sims 3?

Sims in The Sims interact with other objects all the time and sometimes it ends badly for them. Sims can get stuck in one of the game objects, lay on top of each other, very often they freeze when trying to go to bed. This is the main theme of our material – to help remove a character freeze in The Sims.

What to do if a character is frozen or stuck in the Sims?

First, we need to mention a rather obvious procedure – load the game from the last save location. This is applicable if you have nothing much to lose and the save was recent. In all other situations, you should first try to get the character back on line.

There are 5 main ways to help if your Sims character is frozen:

  • Reset Sim… This is easy to do with a special command that you need to enter in the cheat menu. To do this, press the combination Ctrl + Shift + C and enter resetSim First name Last name, where First and Last Name are your character data. The result of this procedure will be the rejection of the current goal of the character. If he tried unsuccessfully to talk to the NPC, couldn’t sleep in bed or something like that, the method should work. The game also offers the ability to reset all Sims at once with a team resetSim *

Why does Sims 3, 4 freeze and how do I fix it?

  • Through Testingcheats mode… After applying this command, you will have access to additional actions with the character, including the ability to reset it. In the cheat menu (launched with Ctrl + Shift + C) you need to enter testingcheats true… Apply the action with the Enter key and press on Sim via Shift. An additional menu should appear, and in it – “Reset Object (Debug)” or “Reset Object (Debug)”.
  • Move object… First you need to try in the standard way to remove or change the location of the object in which the character is stuck. If this does not help – through the command bb.moveobjects on… Testingcheats mode must be enabled beforehand. As a result, it will be possible to move the object in any direction and free the character.

Why does Sims 3, 4 freeze and how do I fix it?

  • Delete object… To do this, you can use special mod, it will add the corresponding button to the item menu, which opens with the Shift key.
  • Teleport Sim… This procedure also requires an active Testingcheats mode. With Shift pressed, click on the place where you want to move the character and select “Teleport here”. There is one condition for teleporting – Sims must not be vampires.

What is important to know when performing these procedures:

  • The character will lose the desires and dreams after the reset that he had at that time, but his needs will remain the same.
  • Your console may not start. A similar problem is faced by those players whose computer combination Ctrl + Shift + C is already reserved for opening a program. You need to minimize the game, launch the application with hot keys. As soon as it is possible to calculate the utility, you should open the “Properties” of its shortcut and reassign the shortcut buttons.
  • If the command does not work, you should first move the folder with mods and try again.
  • Resetting Sims does not work in Sims Medieval.

A simple restart of the console and forcibly switching Sims to another task can also help. For example, if the character freezes when going to bed, you can try turning on the TV or radio, changing clothes, driving away pets, etc.

Advice! Earlier versions of the game had the option Moveobjects on… It also needs to be entered into the console itself, as a result the player is able to move any objects even in time. All that remains is to free Sims and everything will work.

Any of the following should get your Sims 4 or Sims 3 character out of the hang and continue playing. The only exception that I have seen is that several family members (all vampires) merged into one and do not move. Neither teleport nor reset will help here, you only have to load from the last save location.

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