• December 1, 2023

what is it and how to fix it

When launching a game or another application, you may stumble upon the DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE error. From the information provided in the error itself, it’s easy to guess that the problem lies in the DirectX API set for Windows. An error occurs for several reasons:

  • outdated version of DirectX;
  • problems with the video driver;
  • incorrect / incompatible permission for the application;
  • problems with the DVI cable;
  • Incorrect / incompatible monitor refresh rate.

In this article, we will show you how you can fix the DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE error using several proven methods.


Method # 1 Updating the Graphics Driver

The very first step is updating your graphics card driver. If you come across any problems with video games and other applications, then always try to install a more recent version of the video driver first. You can do this using the installer downloaded from the official site of Nvidia, AMD or Intel, or you can rely on the automatic installation of Device Manager.

To install a new video driver automatically, you need to do the following:

  1. press Windows + R;
  2. write “devmgmt.msc”;
  3. open the “Video adapters” section;
  4. right-click on the video card and select “Update driver”;
  5. now select the option “Search automatically for updated drivers”;
  6. wait for the driver installation to complete.

Method # 2 Installing the latest version of DirectX

Having problems with DirectX? Then the problem is probably the absence on the computer of certain libraries of this API that the game or application requests. This happens for those users who very rarely do DirectX updates. Go to this link to download the DirectX web installer and run it.

Method # 3 Using an HDMI cable

Some users claim that they managed to get rid of the DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE error by connecting their graphics card via HDMI instead of DVI. Of course, this method will not work for users who do not have a spare HDMI cable or such a video interface on the monitor / video card.

Method # 4 Changing the refresh rate and resolution

In rare cases, DirectX errors can be caused by an incorrectly selected monitor refresh rate. For example, the maximum refresh rate of your monitor is 60Hz, but in the game or system settings you have chosen 75Hz. You need to select the correct settings both in the system and in the game, and then check if the DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE error appears or not.

To change the refresh rate of your screen, you need to do the following:

  1. right-click on the Desktop;
  2. select “Display settings” from the context menu;
  3. click on the line “Additional display parameters”;
  4. go to “Display 1 Display Adapter Properties”;
  5. select the “Monitor” tab;
  6. select the appropriate refresh rate from the drop-down menu;
  7. save your changes.

Let’s talk about resolution now. Some users, due to their inexperience, set the display settings too high, thinking that this will improve the clarity of the image. However, in almost every case, you need to choose the resolution that your monitor supports. If you have a FullHD monitor, then you need to select 1920 * 1080, if HD – 1280 * 720, and so on. Some applications may work fundamentally incorrectly if the system has an incorrect resolution. You can change the resolution for your display in the display options.

We hope this article helped you get rid of the DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE error.

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