• August 10, 2022

What is the best branch to upgrade in February? Action “Into battle!”

The most relevant and interesting in terms of gameplay and performance characteristics. Choosing the best branch to roll out this month.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you, and today we have prepared for you a short overview of the branches taking part in the February “Fight!” As always, discounts and combat missions await us.

This time we have three branches to choose from. Two from the developers:

  • German medium tanks in the Leopard 1 branch;
  • Chinese tank destroyers on the branch WZ-113G FT;

And one thread was chosen by the players by voting:

  • Soviet heavy tanks on the branch Object 705A

You can’t keep up with all the tanks, so we suggest deciding on one of them. To this end, we have compiled a top of the relevance of promotional branches.

3rd place

Let’s start with the weakest and most irrelevant in the current randomness – this is a Chinese bird, led by WZ-113G FT… In general, it was originally introduced for the Asian region, and then it was added to us. If levels 5-7 are distinguished by high DPM, good accuracy, rate of fire, good stealth and may well guarantee interesting gameplay in single-level battles.

The situation with level 8-10 vehicles is changing, and not for the better. Of the positive, three qualities should be noted:

  • armor penetration;
  • one-time damage;
  • frontal armor.

Top WZ-113G FT it stands out with a very high breakdown at 395 mm gold, but will entail high costs for this. Nevertheless, among classmates of 10 levels, she now has the lowest average damage per battle and one of the lowest win rates.

In the current randomness, it is difficult to realize the strengths of this technique, if we talk about high levels (and it is for them that we are pumping). It is worth following this thread only in three cases:

  • you like to get hurt;
  • a big fan of Chinese technology;
  • quite boring.
At the same time, the premium Chinese tank destroyer WZ-120-1G FT is one of the best for farming, very comfortable to operate, and has many fans.

2nd place

Here we have placed Soviet medium tanks led by Object 705A… An alternative heavy lift, the main difference of which is the rear position of the tower, which forms a special gameplay.

Rear-turret tanks start from level 8, but vehicles of 5-6-7 levels, which precede the study of the “eight”, also fell under the action.

IS-M there is complete pain in the drain, absolutely unsuitable for randomness, so either pour in freedom or endure. In the top-end configuration, it is still inferior to most of its classmates. It has a strong turret, good DPM, but poor accuracy and armor penetration. In this case, you still have to get used to playing with the rear location of the tower, at first you need to get used to tanking with the sides and leaving from behind shelters.

Object 705 and Object 705A are in many ways similar and have the same disadvantages:

  • inconvenient depression angle of the gun, especially considering the rear position of the turret;
  • disgusting accuracy;
  • the vulnerable location of ammo and tanks, can set fire even if they break through in the forehead;
  • weak dynamics;
  • long recharge.

This is not to say that these strands are bad, rather an amateur. If we talk about the top of the branch, sometimes in battle it is impenetrable, it tanks everyone, hits and punches, and sometimes from the first shell it is set on fire, bombarded with land mines and that’s all, welcome to the Hangar.

1st place

At the top of our rating is the branch of German medium tanks, which a year ago could compete with the relevance of the Chinese birds, but after the update in patch 1.5.1 it played with new colors. All three vehicles received an increase in accuracy, aiming speed, one-time damage and, as a result, DPM. The branch has its own “zest” – they became the best snipers.

note that Leopard 1 can be researched both along the medium tanks branch and along the light branch. But it was LT that got into the action (discounts and tasks).

Indien-Panzer a classic support tank: there is a good weapon, comfortable UVN, acceptable mobility, and even relative armor of VLD. There is no point in focusing attention on it, it is only a passing tank. After the up, it became more pleasant to play, because before it was too mediocre.

Moving on to the 9th and 10th levels, one cannot fail to note the absolute loss of armor, tanks have become absolute cardboard, they can be penetrated by vehicles of a lower level and are very sensitive to land mines.

Leopard PT A and Leopard 1have a number of general advantages, which at level 10 only become more pronounced:

  • accurate, rapid-fire and penetrating weapon;
  • very high speed of projectile flight;
  • excellent mobility;
  • high viewing radius;
  • good stealth;
  • comfortable UVN.

After the up, this branch is positioned as one of the best snipers in the game. Among their classmates, they have no equal in long-range shooting. The dynamics allows you to quickly occupy key positions or fade in time if it smells fried, because these tanks do not forgive mistakes.

Some clans will be happy to accept a player with Leopard 1, which speaks of the relevance of the tank.


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